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China’s Natural Wonders

China is a large country with an even larger personality. There’s so much to get into here, it would take a lifetime to complete everything there is to offer. If you happen to be a nature nerd though, China has a more than just a few notable spots to explore. This is a list of nine amazing places to see Mother Nature at her best in China. A guide to China tours can take to you to any of these places and ensure you make the most of your trip.



Ningxia: Sand Lake

Ningxia Sand Lake


Tons of migratory birds fly over this peaceful lake.There are over 200 species that at one time or another call these wetlands home. Desert, water, and marshes are all condensed in a 80-square-kilometer area. This in turn creates a distinctive geographic marvel, hence the name Sand Lake.


Dalian: Golden Pebble Beach National Resort

Golden Pebble Beach National Resort, Dalian


Just outside of Dalian is an epic display of weathered rocks that provide a unique and beautiful shoreline scene. Rock formations resembling dinosaurs, tigers, monkeys and more are studding the sea. It’s an interesting trip just outside the city.


Shenyang: Benxi Water Cave

Benxi Water Cave Shenyang


Just like its name, this is a cave, but not just any ordinary cave. The dramatic 5 million year old cave give off a spectacular array of colors splashing the stalactites and stalagmites that surround you. It’s a bit chilly in this cave, so bring some warm clothes. You access this cave by boat and only 2.8 km of the 5.8 are accessible.


Henan: Longtan Valley

Longtan Valley henan


For some more dashes of color, the Longtan Valley has some epic displays of red and purplish quartz covering the jagged valleys. There’s steep cliffs with lush vegetation strewn across the hills and stones. This is voted the number one spot of the Valley of Narrow Gorges on China.


Jilin: Heaven Lake, Changbai Mountain

Heaven Lake, Changbai Mountain


Surrounded by 16 massive peaks, Heaven Lake sparkles right in the middle. The beautifully clear waters here have a “dark and scary” history with travelers reporting siting of lake monsters, but this shouldn’t deter you. The National Reserve here has magnificent views, including a view of neighboring North Korea.


Hubei: Shennongjia

Shennongjia hubei


Speaking about sea creatures, there’s some land creatures that have said to be spotted here at the 3,200 square-kilometer lush nature reserve at Shennongjia. The big-foot like monster has yet to be confirmed, but the sub-tropical forest here has been proven to be one of the best preserved in the world. There’s over 5,000 species of flora and fauna calling this reserve home.


Jiangxi: Wuyuan

wuyuan in jiangxi


This spot is said to be one of the more beautiful rural area’s of the entire country. A small and quaint area that’s bursting with colorful blossoms and exuding a peaceful vibe is what to expect here. Spring is popular time for people to come and admire the scenery.


Hunan: Zhangjiajie

zhangjiajie hunan china


Home to over 3,000 giant quartz sand pillars of stone is what you will see at this unusual yet gorgeous location. It’s a breathtaking site that was actually said to be the inspiration for the floating mountains in the award-winning movie, Avatar.


Hainan: Yalong Bay

yalong bay hainan


After all this exploring, you might be tired, but the natural attractions doesn’t stop here. Yalong Bay is a beach getaway that’s sure to give you the energy to continue on nature’s pathway in China tomorrow. 7.5 kilometers of gorgeous sea and sand are here for you to bask under the sun, and even participate in some fun water sports.

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