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Come to Cornwall for Tintagel, the Zoo and Other Fun Activities

Come to Cornwall for Tintagel, the Zoo and Other Fun Activities

Cornwall, England is an attractive destination for tourists. There are many exciting places to visit, ranging from fishing villages, gratifying beaches, charming towns, etc. Don’t worry about the weather; there are many activities whatever Mother Nature decides to do. If fishing villages and rugged cliffs are not sufficient enough to satisfy you, then numerous activities will keep you and all of the family entertained. This article will guide you through 5 top tourist attractions in Cornwall, England.

1) Tintagel Castle:

On the north-west coastline of England, visitors will find the awe-inspiring Tintagel Castle, which are now just the remains of the thirteenth century building. The Castle provides jaw dropping experience for visiting tourists. The great hall inside the castle is encircled with stone steps and statutory walls. It is a historic site that still has been long-term closely associated with the Arthurian legends.

Tintagel Castle, Cornwall.

Tintagel Castle, Cornwall.

2) Cornish World

To have a leisurely experience, make sure you visit Cornish world. This shopping parade will be enjoyed by the whole family; the indoor market in cushion world is the largest in the area. There are many stalls selling many different items, especially Cornish products (Cornish Pasties, boxes of Fudge, local art landscapes, etc) . There is a game zone for children below 12 years of age, which is guaranteed to entertain the young ones of the family. Also car parking is free, which is exceptionally unusual when traveling by car in Cornwall.

3) Newquay zoo:

This is an award winning zoo, with over 130 species in residence. Newquay zoo is an ideal attraction to entertain the entire family, young and old will enjoy visiting this zoo. Visit animals from Africa including Lions, Giraffes, Elephants and Hippos or enjoy watching the penguins relaxing and playing by the pool. If you like creepy crawlies visit the tropical house for plenty of fun with spiders. A trip to Newquay Zoo is a guaranteed fun family day out.

Some and checkout the animals at Newquay Zoo.

Some and checkout the animals at Newquay Zoo.

4) Minack Theatre

The Minack Theatre is built directly into the Cliffside. Rowena Cade built the Minack Theatre, which is a wonder of architectural design. The exhibition centre shows how the Theatre works. There are performances each evening, which are popular with locals and tourists alike. The in-house coffee shop of the Minack Theatre is also a convenient and relaxing point for tourists

5) Kidzworld

Kidzworld is an ideal place to take the children, its ideal on a rainy day when the beaches are not available. There are hundreds of activities for children in Kidzworld; many will also entertain the adults. All family members will be able to have fun in the play zone. Kidzworld also is a place which organizes birthday events, cosmic parties etc. Children visiting will have a memorable day and a trip to Kidzworld will help enhance their holiday in Cornwall.


Cornwall is a delight for tourists with many wonderful locations to visit. The 5 attractions listed here are just a starting point. Make sure you do further research before embarking upon your Cornish holiday. Make time to fit at least some of the 5 attractions that have been listed in this article.


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