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Cultural Darwin Australia

The capital of the Northern territory of Australia, Darwin is a relatively relaxed yet unique lifestyle environment. The city has multiculturalism with around 50 different races present in the city. The cultural aspects of music, entertainment, language, and the so yummy foods make up for what is Darwin.

Darwin, Australia

The culture and art of the Aboriginal people together with now famous crocodile hunters and the beautiful blend of Australian outback setting in a cosmopolitan city are all part of the insights found when visiting Darwin. Darwin can be accessed through its Darwin International Airport, and has jet charter flights available for comforting journey.


The Culture

Darwin has a long cultural significance dating back to its original inhabitants, the Aborigines. The arts and crafts, the culture, and anything aboriginal are still being appreciated up to these days that can be seen and watched in the city. In the Night cliff area which is a famous spot for cycling, swimming, and walking activities is also a place to hear good authentic and tribal music. The clap stick and didgeridoo performers will live up the mood of the people and give them a vibrant atmosphere.


The art gallery museum offers an extensive collection of art, history, and culture of the native Aborigines, Oceanic, and even South East Asian region. The museum will give anyone insights on the multiculturalism of the city. Many more festival and events in Darwin encompass the cultural aspects of the people living in the city that make it tantalizing to visit.


Nature’s Bounty

The natural surroundings of Darwin make it a place of beauty and comfort. The many wonderful natural scenery of the city gives magnificent image of the topography of Darwin. The Kakadu National Park is a world heritage that covers an area of 19,804 km2. The wonderful and somewhat dramatic landscape, many wildlife present in the park, and the cultural background of the Aboriginal people make the park a must see interesting place. The park has some fine waterfalls that can be seen and appreciated such as the Jim Jim and Twin falls.

Kakadu National Park

The park has some wetlands that provide great topographic site and vegetation process. The wetlands can give the best spot for wildlife actions. The calm waters of the Alligator River are so good to look at especially when spotting some wildlife in the area. The bounty of the Kakadu National Park is so appealing to people’s dream of adventure.


Places and History

Some iconic places found in Darwin pertain to its role in World War 2. Buildings like the wharf precinct, Lyons Cottage, and aviation heritage centre offer an extensive look over their participation during the war, today the area can be explored with renewed purpose of tourism. The Darwin wharf precinct is now an adorable cozy area of the city. The backdrop of old oil depot gives the precinct some good old rustic look. The scenic beauty of the waters along with the ships coming to port is exciting to watch.

lyons cottage darwin

The aviation heritage center is a fascinating place to be in for someone wanting and looking for aviation war memorabilia. The prized B-52 G Stratofortress display is on loan from the U.S. that will let anyone see the engineering feat of the said plane. Other noteworthy aircrafts on display are the Japanese Zero fighter, RAAF Mirage, and the World War 2 Spitfires. The many collections found in each facility together with the comforting ambiance, will make a trip long lasting.


Food Comfort

Dining in Darwin can be made heavenly with the incorporation of its beautiful surroundings. The esplanade of the wharf precinct provides some al fresco dining experience. The wharf provides some of the delicious meals with a backdrop of splashing water.  It is a cool and lovely experience. The Parap market offers one a chance to dine in some delicacies of the city as well as some fine dining experience.


The restaurant of Prickles offers some hot tamale which is tantalizing to the palette. The Mongolian beef dishes served at a Chinese restaurant of Happy garden are another bona petit moment.


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