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Discover 3 Beautiful Places in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is nature’s master stroke, which is endowed with beauty in abundance and has one of the most incredible beaches.  Sierra Leone exudes a charm of its own with a unique culture and warm populace and even if you just decide to relax by the beach under palm trees ,you would have experienced an amazing holiday.

3 Beautiful  Places you must visit in your maiden visit to Sierra Leone are:


Banana Islands

Banana Islands, sierra leone

Banana islands are situated on the South west of Freetown Peninsula. The Dublin Island and Ricketts Island are the two islands, which are joined only by a small stretch of sand. Dublin islands have the beaches whereas Ricketts is known for forests. It is advisable to engage a local guide for exploring the island. The tourists at times use a speed boat to cover the vast stretch of beaches. Diving, snorkelling and fishing are the main activities undertaken in the beautiful waters.


Kangari hills Forest Reserve

Kangari hills Forest Reserve


This non hunting forest reserve showcases the unique flora and fauna of Sierra Leone. The savannah, wild life and tropical forests say it all and make you literally breath in beauty of nature. This reserve is home to a large family of birds numbering to as many 115 species and threatened species of primates. This reserve forest is blessed by a number of rivers attributing to its natural opulence. Two important rivers are Pampana and Moa that traverse through the area.


Mt Bintumani

Mt Bintumani


Loma mountain forest reserve is like a guardian to the highland rainforests. The highest peak Loma Mansa stands 1945 m tall and provides most amazing views from the top of the mountain. The area is replete with a variety of monkeys and the nearby rivers allow you to watch pygmy hippopotamus, dwarf crocodiles and other endangered species. The grassland is home to animals like baboons, wart hogs and porcupines.  The hike to the top is as adventurous as it gets and allows you to watch unique flora and fauna on your way up. The best location to begin the hike is to approach from the west including Kabala or Yifin village. Engaging a guide is a better idea to ensure that you do not miss out on anything important.

All the three places enumerated are just mentioned as a pointer, the adventure and the beauty that you will find along your journey are for you to create. Sierra Leone is a place that is consistently being favored by the tourists in large numbers and the beauty just cannot be encapsulated in words. The beaches are a sight in them and permit you to soak in the unique hue of the place.

Abundance of wild life and variety of species of plants, animals is ever intriguing and alluring. You have the options to restrict the area of visit to relaxing environment of extraordinary beaches or undertake adventures in the wild. Despite your options availed, you will have a unique and memorable trip that your senses will continue to remind you of forever.


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Neha Prabhakar

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