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Discover the Amazing Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon, located in the Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, United States, is a spectacular landscape, overpowering anyone and everyone with its magnificence.  Whether it’s Grand Canyon’s beauty at the Sunsets or its enthralling splendour being observed on a boat down the Colorado River, Grand Canyon is a true nature’s gift to the world.

Grand Canyon


North Rim

Grand Canyon north rim

The Grand Canyon has two distinct sides, the North Rim and the South Rim.  The North Rim is a less travelled area, however, full with people during summers and weekends that look out for serenity, away from hustle and bustle of the village. The North Rim is mostly visited during Mid May to December and it remains closed during peak winter months because of high altitude and heavy snow.

Grand Canyon north rim1

The North rim has numerous lodging options along with stores, located at the Jacob Lake. The North Rim is a home to goshawks, Kaibab squirrels, mule deer, porcupines and elk and you get to see them often while you discover the Canyons.  The highest point, Point Imperial is at 8,803 feet that overlooks the eastern side of Grand Canyon and also the Painted Desert.  To view the most enticing sunrises and sunsets, visit the Cape Royal that offers breathtaking views across the canyon.


South Rim

Grand Canyon south rim

The South Rim is the most popular area of the Grand Canyon, which attracts over 4 million visitors every year because of its easy accessibility, various attractions and lodging options.  The South rim can be discovered on foot, through helicopter and bus tours.  To learn more about the Grand Canyon’s history, nature, culture, and science, you can also hire a ranger.  By the Mather road, is the Grand Canyon Visitor’s center with indoor and outdoor exhibits to help visitors with the information about the Grand Canyon and what to do when the they arrive there.

Grand Canyon south rim1

If you have geological questions about this natural wonder, do not forget to visit the Yavipai Geology Museum, which displays photographs, 3D models and many exhibits that would help you understand the geological story of the region.  The Desert View Watch Tower is another architectural wonder in the South Rim of Grand Canyon, which is 70 feet tall and its observation decks can show you the most fascinating views of the Painted Desert and the Canyon.  Visit the free site, Tusayan Museum to get the glance of the life lived by people 800 years back.  Along with this, the meuseum shows a variety of  handicrafts made by local tribes, giving you the opportunity to peep into their abundant culture.

Grand Canyon south rim2

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