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Discover World’s Largest Swimming Pool

Swimming is refreshing and relaxing. And, if you are swimming in a pool that is recognized by the Guinness book of world records for its huge architecture, it is simply enduring to swim in such a pool. This dazzling man-made marvel sits on the grounds of the San Alfonso del Mar Resort in Chile. This pool is altogether antithetic from gold plated pool located in Himalayas or one in tropical environments of Bali.

World’s Largest Swimming Pool:

san alfonso del mar resort in chile

If you are planning to do laps in this swimming pool, you may need to pop in multi vitamins and have power drinks before you dive in. Having a length of 1,000 yards, it spreads over 20 acres. This giant structure has a depth of 115 feet , and a capacity to hold over 60 million gallons of water. Measuring 1,013 meters in length and covering an area of around eight hectares, this pool has been acknowledged as world’s largest swimming pool from Guinness book of world records.

This man made salt water pool has been captivating bulky crowds to San Alfonso del Mar resort at Algarrobo, on the southern coast of Chile. Some interesting facts about this huge man-made creation are :

1)      It took around 5 years to build.

2)      Cost nearly £1 billion.

3)      Its annual maintenance is even more than £3 millions.

san alfonso del mar


The turquoise water of the pool is so clear that one can even see the deepest end. Small boats are available in order to navigate through the 250,000 cubic meters of salt water. A 3,323 ft pool is separated from the main, for children to swim and play. The pool draws water from one end of the sea and pumps it to another end. Chile’s monster pool is governed completely by filtration system along with computer controlled suction system to deliver a permanent circulation of fresh seawater. Water in the pool is being warmed to 26Oc which is almost 9 degrees warmer than the adjacent sea.

According to Chilean biochemist named Fernando Fischmann, advance engineering could build “an awe-inspiring artificial paradise” even in brusque areas.

san alfonso del mar resort in algarrobo chile

It is also being said that:

“As long as the access to unlimited seawater is there, this pool can be made to work, without causing any damage to the ocean.”



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