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United Arab Emirates

Dubai is for everyone

In the past, Dubai made headlines mainly because of its high rise buildings and lavish hotel industry. Today, the state offers a combination of attractions to entice all types of visitors. From corporate executives to diplomats and from random travellers to expats looking to acquire new jobs, Dubai welcomes everyone and treats them with the very best of accommodation and related services. Although the state follows strict laws about public display of affection, immodest dressing, drinking in public places and using, keeping and buying all sorts of drugs, yet there are enough reasons why adults and grownups find Dubai an equally tempting destination.


Tourists from the Scandinavian countries find the warm beaches of Dubai perfect for their dream vacations. Just when it is too cold for the northern and western part of the hemisphere, Dubai is soaked in heavenly sunlight. The beaches here embrace the sun-starved tourists in its golden glow. From public beaches to villas with private beach fronts, Dubai real estate has all that you can ask for. Jumeirah Beach, Russian Beach, Mamzer Beach, Kite Beach, and Jebel Ali Beach are the most popular public beaches among the tourists. Many known hotels in Dubai occupy their iconic location on the beach and offer its guests a perfect, cosy, and private beach front.


Shopping and Dubai are synonymous where many people visit the city just to avail exciting promotions on branded stuff. In response to people’s rising interest in Dubai’s retail market, many new shopping malls have recently been constructed here, including the world’s biggest mall The Dubai Mall. No major real estate development in Dubai is complete without a mall as well as traditional and modern souks. More popular of these malls include Deira City Centre, Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, Mall of Emirates, The Dragon Mart, Ibn Battuta Mall, and Mall of Arabia.

For souks, the options are rich in the form of modern as well as traditional markets meant specifically for fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat, a variety of spices, a huge collection of perfumes and textile and traditional and modern gold jewellery.

Theme parks

As compared to souks, hotels, restaurant, accommodation facilities and employment opportunities in Dubai, the number of theme parks here is limited. The good part of the news, however, is dozens of new theme parks are planned for the state. These parks are targeted at families, children and grow-ups, which justifies their extensive planning and development. Dubailand is the most extensive theme park project in this regard, which upon completion would offer various sports facilities, retail space, various theme parks, exhibition space, and many other attractions. Some theme parks that are operational right now in Dubai include Wild Wadi Park, Aquaventure Water Park, Ski Dubai, Al Sahara Desert Resort, and Children’s City.

The presence of such facilities makes Dubai a destination popular among kids and grownups, attracting more investment and resultantly more tourists. With the ever increasing demand of property and infrastructure in Dubai, the job market here continues to expand, making the state the number 1 choice amongst expats from all around the world. The development of Dubai and its stature in the global economy is a source of inspiration for other developing states.


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