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Discover The Secretive App That Lets You Travel in Total Safety

Ever wished you could summon your own personal fighting machine, warriors or even Jason Bourne. How about an entire special forces team to get you out of a tight spot or a little bit of trouble? Well thanks to a new smart phone app called OverWatch; help is only a few tiny button clicks away.

Launched on Wednesday by a London based technology company, the new smartphone personal security app OverWatch promises help and aid from trained special forces and immediate assistance when under threat at the touch of a emergency panic button.

Escape Danger Zones While on Your Travels

Ground teams who can be armed if deemed necessary will be able to come to the aid of clients from any of the 88 countries that they operate in.

DS-48 OverWatch

If trouble strikes while on your travels simply push a button and these tough guys might just turn up to save the day.

The OverWatch panic button when pressed will launch a fast response team to bring you and any dependents to safety. Helping out in desperate scenarios such as criminal activity, natural disasters, terrorist attacks or in times of urgent medical need.

About the Overwatch Personal Security App

The OverWatch app which installs on any supported smartphone is a global security service. The app is offered by DS-48 which is an independently operated security firm. The firm caters for needy individuals and businesses that are risk adverse. Those clients that typically need assistance at the touch of a button. The app is perfect for travelers heading to risky countries around the world.

  • OverWatch was launched globally on Wednesday by security firm DS-48 

  • Overwatch will pinpoint and track your global wherever you may be around the clock. Just download the app and sign up.

  • Security analysts check for any nearby dangers and issue warnings to your phone

DS-48 co-founder Charles Andrews stated that early users of OverWatch have described it as ‘an affordable security concierge’. The OverWatch app will track your position in the world every three minutes. The app can pinpoint your location to an accuracy of eight metres on average.

Personal Security When Traveling

Wherever you maybe in the world, whatever the danger or the threat. Help is at hand whenever you travel away from home.

After doing so it will pass this location information to secure monitoring centres based in the United Kingdom, in London and in Texas, USA.

24×7 Personal Security Monitoring

Present at the various monitoring centres across the world, security analysts with highly trained military and agency backgrounds trawl through intelligence reports from a variety of news and bespoke sources.

These operatives work to pinpoint possible hazards and emerging threats for those in their care. While incidents of distress maybe mostly unlikely. Help from OverWatch is there on the rare occasions that it is needed.

Peace of Mind for Travelers That Need Security

In a world full of ever present new dangers and threats OverWatch is a security app designed to deliver peace of mind to those who can afford it. The OverWatch app is particularly useful when a client is traveling abroad or away from home for prolonged periods of time in risky countries or places.

According to co-founder Andrews, following the recent terror attacks in France and Germany, his clients have been able to receive new incident and threat alerts. In fact clients become aware of danger on within an average time of 20 minutes. Often before primary news sites such as Sky or CNN published initial reports.

The OverWatch security service works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The app is constantly scanning news and intelligence chatter for threats and signs of danger. Fees for the personal security service are surprisingly affordable with fees starting from just £65 ($85) a month.

Final Thought

While Europe has hardly descended into chaos, there is an notable increase in terrorist threats and incidents across western Europe that cannot be ignored when planning a trip.

Hence the OverWatch app is a unique way and powerful service enabling travelers to gain peace of mind. The app delivers vital protection while taking a holiday or trip to the continent or elsewhere around the world.

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