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Essential travel clothes for women travelers

Let’s admit it, packing the right clothes for your road trip can be very time consuming.  This is especially true for women travelers.  There is always a better vibe associated with wearing the right clothes for the right occasion. Confidence, the balance, the body language, and everything else related to your style statement relies heavily on the choice of clothing you make at the end of the day. And to help you reliably make these choices we list some of the essential travel clothes that every woman should have on the top of her packing list.

1. Baggy cargos

The term ‘baggy’ or ‘cargo’ brings up the picture of a female travel vlogger who’s trekking through a forest or a journalist covering a war. Someone like Jennifer Connelly from the movie Blood Diamond. As a matter of fact, her role in the movie is something we can take essential tips from when it comes to travel clothing. Coming back to our subject, baggy cargos can be your best friends on trips. This is especially true when  women travelers need to store stuff within arm’s reach. This can be done without having to carry a handheld purse or bag. Everything starting from lipstick, to mascara and going all the way to a bag of potato chips and chewing gum. In short, it is a wearable briefcase.
baggy cargo woman travelers

2. Floral/designed jackets

Women travelers can’t last long without the floral look on their clothes. It’s the safest design out there and goes with every casual outfit. And while traveling to a place that requires you to be all covered up withlong-sleeves, why not opt for a floral or designed zip-jacket? The one with a hood will give you an extra add-on if you wish to turn ‘all-ninja’ on your travelling mates! You can bring variety to your pictures on Instagram as the same jacket can be worn open-zipped, showing off the t-shirt or top which you were wearing all this while but couldn’t disclose due to the chilly weather. Two birds with a single stone there!

3. Maxi skirts

Women travelers wear Maxi skirts in all types of weather. In summer, it lets the breeze flow with ease through your body and during winters a Maxi Skirt is worn over joggers and thick leggings.  This helps your lower body maintain the warmth without having to compromise on style. Again, you can chose a maxi skirt based on designs like floral, striped or simple unicolored fabric. The maxi skirt outfit coupled with a leather bag and a peach basket hat would look great while heading out on a sunny day. You can lay your hands on these fashion accessories at great discounts with House of Fraser deals.

4. T-shirts – A size-free solution

We weren’t going to keep this off our list for long. A plain t-shirt is a woman travelers best friend.   You have the choice of wearing it all alone during casual walks or coupled with a jacket or a coat based on the weather and the occasion. You also have the freedom to choose from a variety of sizes when it comes to t-shirts as nothing usually looks unfit or out of proportion, no matter how big or small.

5. Flannel shirts

Yes, you must be wondering what a 90’s fashion trend is doing on our list. Checkered flannel shirts have made quite a comeback!  This is especially true in the younger generation. Celebrities, Beyoncé, Hilary Duff and Olivia Wilde are among the few A-listers who have been spotted wearing this casual apparel time and again.  Flannel’s are versatile for women travelers and are worn while hiking, or a night on the town!

6. Denims

Last but not the least, denims. Like t-shirts, denims have been an irreplaceable part of our wardrobes since time immemorial.   How does this apply to women travelers? Almost everywhere! Denim’s go hand in hand with conventional t-shirts.  Women travelers wear denim as a lower tuck-in for flannel shirts.   Denim’s are in fashion whether you are a woman traveling in the tropics, the arctic, or anywhere in between.



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