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Explore The Amazing Wildlife Sanctuaries In Africa

Masai Mara, named after the local tribe Masai and the river Mara, crossing the reserve, is one of the best natural wild life reserve in the world. The Masai Mara reserves, area 585 sq miles, is located in the south west of Kenya and touching the Sereneti National Park in Tanzania, invites you to the best destination, with its gentle climate, scenic splendour, greenery, the flora and fauna of the nature, amidst the great rift valley from the Mediterranean sea to Moz at its best, and a setting a perfect harmony of man and animals co existing together.

The Masai Mara reserve is famous for its legendary migration of birds and animals that come here in the months from September to October to graze grass, or drink water from its swampy grounds, and the hungry predators for their next kill. The migration is a spectacular of drama, thrill, action and you may watch a migration of herbivores animals and the numbers are gigantic like 1,300,000 wild beasts, 360,000 Thomson gazelle, and 190,000 zebras every year.

The Uganda gorilla safari in the reserve are arranged in an open jeep, with armed security and a guide, and will take you in to the world of lions, who rules the reserves, rhinoceros who are on the brink of being nonexistent, hippopotamus in large groups controlling the water and Talek River. You may also opt for walking Rwanda gorilla safari to experience the wilderness of the animals closely. The cheetahs, impala, gazelles, bat eared fox, will raise you adrenal levels to all time high and you may capture the drama with your camera. A ride on the safari balloon will offer you a panoramic view of the wild life reserve and will make you squeal in delight to be part of the animal kingdom. You may hire a helicopter to witness and follow the herds of elephants.

Bird watching here is named as birding and you may witness with your eyes or listening to their calls, exotic rare 550 bird species in the Mara eco system. The Masai Mara Reserve has an excellent accommodation available like the cottages, full equipped with the most modern gadgets and sophisticated ambience, and modern facilities or you may hire a tent to stay on the river Muliban and witness sun set and sun rise in its full glory. You will be served with excellent African cuisine and a round of drinks under the moonlight.

The local inhabitants, called as Maas are very hospitable and friendly and ensure that you have the wild time of your life. The Maas, with changing times has become very modern and socially acceptable to all visitors and they have discovered innovative methods to conserve the greatest reserves at all costs. It is imperative that to protect and conserve the wild life, the travellers must strictly follow the roads, keep the reserves free of litter, and hunting or hurting the wild life is strictly prohibited. Masai Mara is truly God’s creativity at its best and a great lesson to mankind to live in harmony and create a healthy environment.

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