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Famous places in Perth, Australia

A light on the visit to the famous places with car rental in Perth City, Australia

After visiting a lot many places in Australia, this time by seeing the map of Australia and surfing its main attractions, I decided to visit Perth city in my vacations. So, without thinking the second time, I packed my bags and flew over to the western part of Australia. I just wanted to see with my naked eyes that why the city is praised so much? It is a very large city of Australia, so I had to manage my entire trip schedule in a fixed period of time. So, I opted for the car rental in Australia service and fixed a deal for driving around the main city attractions.

Perth city is the best to explore; I had kept this fact fixed in my mind when I read about the shopping selection, eating choices, entertainment options and historical places. Of course the best part – Sports activities.

When I reached the city, I first dropped my luggage off at the hotel. If you are looking for a place to stay, I know you can find cheap hotels in Perth on Expedia. Then, I booked a vacation car to carry on my journey after a tummy full breakfast plan. The first place I went to was the Kings Park which was just nearby my hotel. I was really amazed to see this beautiful park. Full of natural beauty, the park has a beautiful and eye-catching view of Swan River Side By Side. I loved it.

The next place I stopped to be Lake Monger. But I felt lonely here as such I didn’t had a partner along. This is a so beautiful, really relaxing place to have a visit and a peaceful state of mind. Romance is in the air at this place. You can relax on the benches here, feed the ducks and watch the cold blue as well as clear water flowing through.

I drive to the very well known Perth Mint Museum. The first word I uttered from my mouth after seeing it was – Amazing! The allure of gold coins, mixture of exhibitions, the colorful decorations, cultural heritage made me feel like I am in ancient Perth city. Lunch time, I was hungry, so went to a restaurant and had the local cuisine of the region.

The next destination for the day was the Bell Tower. Ahh! The ding dong voice of the bells at the tower was wonderful and ear pleasing. I spent some time walking around the streets of the city and went to Cottesloe beach. Days kept on passing, ended my tour with the Perth Zoo where I found a large species of animals. For some time, I was afraid but after I feed them and played with them.

At last, I had to accept that my holiday time was finished. Then I drove back to my native town and I just look at the photographs today and wish to be there now also. Hope you were also in Perth while reading my blog. Bye.


Author Bio:-

Parvesh Sareen is a passionate blogger having decent experience in writing for a number of good travel blogs.

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