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Five Breathtaking European Hiking Trails

Europe is known for its world famous cultures, architecture, heritage, ancient cities and rich history. Yet some of its biggest and most wondrous attractions to see were here long before man settled on the European continent.

Treks such as some of the awe inspiring European hiking trails just waiting to be explored by eager hikers and nature lovers. Roam from the loft heights of Mont Blanc to national parks in Germany. There are multiple hiking opportunities to enjoy each with a unique atmosphere that cannot easily be found elsewhere.

The mountains, rolling hilltops and hiking nature trails of Europe are some of the very best places to go hiking found anywhere on the planet today. Of course these are rugged lands also, so make certain that you take emergency food and survival provisions with you. Mother nature can be unpredictable at times so it is best to be prepared for survival in the event of something going awry.

Uncover winding hiking and nature trails that offer up incredible walking experiences of discovery and unforgettable memories for first time hikers to experts walkers alike. Discover European hiking trails in Greece, Spain, Germany and Scotland to name but a few exciting hiking destinations to enjoy in this amazing and thrilling continent.

Five Breathtaking European Hiking Trails

Home to myth, legends and unrivalled beauty, we take a look at five breathtaking European hiking trails from around the continent.

Mount Olympus: Greece

During the Ancient Greek period, it was thought the highest peak of Mt Olympus, known as Mytikas (meaning nose) was home to the Gods. Zeus may have packed his bags. Instead today in modern times, Mount Olympus is one of the most desirable European hiking trails.

Mount Olympus - European Hiking Trails

On your travels to the summit of Mount Olympus, you’ll also pass through the lush Enipeas Gorge — one of Greece’s finest natural beauty spots — and the Plateau of the Muses, a vast rolling hillside that shares space with the striking Stefani Peak.

Climbing to this, the highest point in Greece, you’ll find no sign of Zeus, but you will come across staggering views of the country and distant Mediterranean.  

The trail begins with a trek through an ancient woodland, frozen in time as it was thousands of years ago when the gods inhabited the mountain.

On your travels to the summit of Mount Olympus, you’ll also pass through the lush Enipeas Gorge — one of Greece’s finest natural beauty spots — and the Plateau of the Muses, a vast rolling hillside that shares space with the striking Stefani Peak.

The climb itself can be tough, depending on the route with some of the steep and treacherous options offer thrilling challenges for even the most experienced climbers. If that doesn’t sound like your thing, there are some gentler but still trying trails that offer a way to Mytikas.

Alpujarra: Spain

Sitting on the southern slopes of the mighty Sierra Nevada mountain range, the Alpujarra region of Spain brings a unique quality hiking experience to this list of locations to explore.

Alpujarra - European Hiking Trails

Alpujarra is the only hiking experience featured that brings you close to both nature and culture. Here in Spain you’ll find sleepy villages full of quaint hotels, cafes and restaurants that are interspersed between wild Spanish trails.

These wild Spanish trails wind through the the world famous, striking and snow peaked Sierra Nevada mountains, deep and vibrant gorges, wildflower meadows and hotspots for wildlife watching in an area of Spain that has gone unchanged for centuries. Surely one of the most amazing European hiking trails.

Berchtesgaden National Park: Germany

If you’ve ever wanted to experience quintessentially European countryside, then you need to look no further than the Berchtesgaden National Park in Germany.

Berchtesgaden National Park - European Hiking Trails

The biggest draw to the Berchtesgaden National Park are the pristine lakes of Königsses & Obersee, and these lakes can be enjoyed by experts and hiking novices alike.

Set in the heart of Germany’s own Bavaria, the Berchtesgaden National Park is a protected natural paradise where mountains loom, streams flow, cows roam and every view is picturesque.  

For hikers and walkers, there are over 230km of winding trails to explore, ranging from peaceful walks through the woodlands to full on climbs into the Berchtesgaden Alps.

The biggest draw to the national park are the pristine lakes Königsses & Obersee, and these can be enjoyed by experts and novices alike.

Tour Du Mont Blanc: France

The epic setting of the snow-capped peaks of Mont Blanc might seem as though it is straight out of Lord of the Rings, but no, this wonder is to be found in the French Alps.

Mont Blanc - European Hiking Trails

Views from the summit of Mont Blanc are out of this world, and as you stand towering above Europe, you can see far over the jagged peaks of the Alps.

The tallest peak in the vast Alp mountain range that sweeps Europe, it is one of the most challenging climbs on the continent, but also one of the most rewarding. Every year, climbers the world over travel to France with one goal; the reach the summit of Mont Blanc.

Views from the summit are out of this world, and as you stand towering above Europe, you can see far over the jagged peaks of the Alps, their dark exteriors littered with pure white snowfall.

This is an area of the world untouched by man and seen by so few, a moment hiking on this mountain’s peak is a moment in the wilderness that is never forgotten.

Scottish Highlands: United Kingdom

Since Scotland is often said to be the most beautiful country on the planet, it will come as no surprise that the highlands feature on a list of top European hiking experiences.

Scottish Highlands - European Hiking Trails

The hiking trails of the highlands of Scotland owe their popularity to subtle, rustic and rural landscapes.

The Scottish Highlands are home to the highest peaks in the British Isles, the Munros (tall mountains) of Scotland’s highlands offer incredible views over the country’s long and sweeping vistas.

It may not have the elegance of Bavaria, or the striking nature of Mt Olympus, but the highlands of Scotland owe their popularity instead to a more subtle, rustic and rural landscapes.

About this Feature Article on European Hiking Trails

Landscapes of forests, lakes, rivers and snow topped peaks, sprinkled with old railway lines, medieval castles and more make up these five amazing European hiking trails. Jane Livingstone, of Mountain Walking Holidays, is an expert in Europe hiking and walking experiences.

A qualified mountain leader, Jane has over a decade’s worth of climbing and exploring under her belt and currently leads annual trips through some of Europe’s most exciting terrain. Experience the best walking and hiking destinations with Mountain Walking Holidays.

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