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Five Genius Ways To Save Money On Travel


Five Genius Ways To Save Money On Travel

Just by utilizing these five handpicked and genius ways to save money on travel every year. Getting around the globe will be a much less expensive travel experience. Why blow your hard earned cash down a black hole when you don’t need to.

In fact you do not even have to forsake the life luxuries in order to travel more cheaply. Learn from these clever ways to save money on travel. Then you can spend whatever you save on travel on more important things, like shopping!

So before planning the next trip take heed of these genius ways to save money on travel. These cost saving techniques can be applied to vacations, short breaks or even business trips.

Join Travel Deals Groups on Facebook

Thats right, use social media. Facebook deals groups in particular will often offer low cost travel deals on stuff you can really use. Deals and coupons on hotels, flights, eating out and so on. You can collect all these before you go.

Five Genius Ways To Save Money On Travel

Facebook deals groups in particular will often offer low cost travel deals on stuff you can really use.

You can use other social media platforms also such as Pinterest and others. Setup your Facebook groups so that you get sms or email alerts for new deals. Remember if you snooze then you lose.

Be Flexible With Your Travel Plans

If you do not have to travel or return on a specific day then don’t. Research the cost savings on flights, hotel accommodation and car rental across different days. Flights and hotels in particular can vary considerably.

Be Flexible With Your Travel Plans

Experiment with booking hotels rooms and flights late at night via different travel aggregators. Often hotels have given up any chance of selling a room late in the day. They drop their prices in the hope of snaring a final reservation. Some restaurants may offer discounts for eating at unpopular times. Compare prices between booking direct and via third parties.

Ask for Cash or Gift Cards on Each Birthday or Occassion

Every time you have a birthday, trust us you have one every year. Ask friends and relatives for a gift card, voucher or cash. Then you can spend it on travel costs.

Give the Gift of Travel

Ask for a travel voucher or cash gift from your loved ones and set against travel costs.

Use the same strategy on other special occasions such as Christmas, graduation, Easter and so on. You would be getting a gift anyway ( unless you have been naughty. )

Use Travel Search Engines

Sometimes the best way to use Google, Yahoo or Bing is not to use them. That is to use a dedicated travel search engine. Travel search engines only have one primary aim. To get you to your destination efficiently. Cut out the fluff that you get on Google and others. Using a travel search engine is simply much more targeted. You want to travel from A to B, just do it.

Use a Travel Search Engine

One such travel search engine worth a peek is Rome to Rio. This travel search site will display as many route options as it can find. You can balance travel cost with inconvenience and so on. For example a non direct flight might be cheaper but more hassle. You decide what matters more.

Bring Your Own Airport or Road Trip Food

Ok we hate flying home, it sucks as we just want to get home fast. The first day of travel though is exciting. We feel good and full of energy and fun. Its tempting to hit an airport restaurant or bar and fill up. If this is a group holiday its even more tempting.

Bring Your Own Food

Bring Your Own Food – Why make the airports richer for a overpriced dried out sandwich when you can bring your own. Tastier also!

Airports however are like the freeway plaza or the motor way service station in Europe. They are contained units, they know they have you and can squeeze lots of cash out of you. Yes lets give them $10 or £7 for a washed out beer and burger. Hand them a fist full of shiny change for a lousy sandwich. Your excited and you don’t care right?

Well think about it, all that ripoff money could be spent in your hotel or resort. Consider packing your own airport or road trip food at home using local and cheaper groceries. Save all that lovely money and spend it on having fun instead.

There you have it, five towns in Canada you simply won’t believe exist. Strange places are everywhere. Unusual city names, haunted old towns and humorous associations.

Genius Ways To Save Money On Travel

These genius ways to save money on travel tips may not work for every journey, trip or travel need. However you can mix and match those cost saving techniques that work best. Utilize travel tips that are appropriate for the kind of trip or vacation you intend to book. Read up on what others are doing to secure cheaper airfare and car hire.

Final Thought

As a final thought probably the most important low cost travel tip is to allow plenty of preparation time. For example some (not all) of these genius ways to save money on travel tips need fulfilment time. Remember when trying to save money on travel costs. It is time and planning that matters. It is a very important part of the money saving process.

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