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Fun UK travel ideas to try with a new love

If you’re embarking on a new relationship it’s never been more important to put a bit of time aside to get to know each other properly.  This will be crucial for how the rest of the relationship develops. And I don’t just mean squeezing in some hours after work – I’m talking about a trip away to spend just with each other.

However, planning the perfect romantic getaway can be difficult. You could opt for the easy, unimaginative route and rent a cottage in some distant, picturesque corner of the country. But will this really help you and your partner develop a closer bond at this crucial stage? Here are a few suggestions for fun getaways in the UK which are sure to bring you closer to your new partner, whether you met on a dating site like eHarmony ( or through friends.


Let’s get messy

Why not find your inner-soldier together and opt for a paintballing weekend with your partner? These are organised across the country – you could go for a day or for a whole weekend of running around with paint guns and getting mud-splattered together. Combine this with a romantic hotel, delicious pub grub and maybe a blazing fire and you’ve got a great weekend. The teamwork involved in paintballing could also have a surprisingly beneficial effect on the way you relate.


Put your apron on

It’s time to tackle that daily chore and become an impressive chef. A cooking course would be a great idea for a weekend away together – you’ll be learning a new skill you can use for a lifetime, plus you will share a fun and diverse experience, as well as learning a lot about each other.


Live the country life

If you’re looking for something even more unique, did you know there are a lot of places in the UK offering accommodation in return for farm labour? Why not see what life on the farm is like? Spend a week together doing honest work, learn a lot and get to know each other intimately.


Pack your skis

You don’t have to leave the UK for a skiing mini break. Up in Scotland you’ll find several ski locations, including Glencoe and the Nevis range. Not far from home, here is a gorgeous landscape and days of great fun with snow from halfway through December.


Find your Zen

Embark on a spiritual journey with your partner by going on a retreat – there are lots of these all over the country designed to take you away from the hubbub of daily life and relax you. On the lighter end are yoga retreats, or meditation if you want to try something more intense. You’ll find yourselves opening up to each other and being more yourselves in a newfound relaxed state.


Don’t go on an unimaginative holiday. Think outside the box for an experience that will make you really bond and get to know each other. This is especially important if you haven’t known each other long, for example if you met recently on an online dating website in the UK. The above trips away are great for finding out more about each other and cementing your relationship, so book now and take your relationship to the next stage.


Author Bio

Tracey Chandler is a freelance, travel writer and regular contributor to a variety of online female-interest publications. At present she is busy discovering all that Latin America has to offer.

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