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Getting to Melbourne

Melbourne has a rich history that dates back to 1835 when it was founded. Although the city is currently successful, this was not always the case. The land on which Melbourne stands was bought from the aboriginals. A couple of trinkets were paid to get acquisition of the land. The riches that are currently present in the city were acquired during the 1850s, when the gold rush started. This period also paved the way for the bullion boom and within no time, the city established itself as a political and economic capital. Since then, the popularity of Melbourne has continued to grow and it is little wonder that it is one of the preferred global tourist destination and business center.

Accommodation Options in Melbourne and Weather

The city offers numerous accommodation options to tourists. Ideally, there are several apartments and hotels to choose from and these are known to offer the highest standard of services. The city is located on the south eastern part. For this reason, the climate is a temperate one and it is well known for having changeable conditions. This is attributed to its topography as well as location. During the winter, the city is colder and the fall of snow is not common. In a nutshell, the weather can be described as mild with clear skies during spring. During the summer, temperatures tend to get extremely high.

Getting to Melbourne

Getting to the city is not difficult and this is because the city is well connected. Tourists can get there by rail, air or road. There are also different flights to choose from and these operate to and from the International airport. If tourists are in Australian cities like Adelaide or Sydney, they can get to Melbourne by using a train.

An Upsurge of Immigrants   

It has recorded an upsurge of immigrants over the years as well. Starting from Greeks and the Italians to the Vietnamese and Chinese, the population of this city boasts of having different hues. The tremendous growth of the city is partly attributed to the mulch-ethnicity which cannot be overlooked. When tourists visit the city for the very first time, this is one of the factors that capture the attention of tourists.

A Contrast in the City

When tourists look at Melbourne closely, one thing that clearly stands out is the contrast between the minimalist skyscrapers which jostle for space and elegant but ornate Victorian edifices. When tourists delve deeper into the character and culture, tourists will note a free spirit in the manner the Melbournians live. They have the tendency to ‘live and let live’ and believe firmly in the belief that those who do this, are better placed to enjoy life to the fullest.

The people are not only fun loving but friendly and they have a sense of refinement that distinctively defines their character. They are also known as artisans and this is yet another aspect that defines their classiness. The city is well known for its paintings, theatre, music sculptures and books. During their stay in Melbourne, tourists will not be in want of an activity to indulge in.

Attractions in Melbourne

Melbourne is known for having diverse attractions that keep tourists entertained. These range from gardens that are laden with different types of plants and fruits, parks, amusement parks and museums. Some of these include the Luna Park, Melbourne zoo, Melbourne aquarium, St Kilda Sea Baths, Collingwood Children’s Farm, Royal Exhibition Building, Parliament House and Old Melbourne Gaol. The options are endless and during their stay, the tourists will enjoy different types of activities and attractions to visit.


Nightlife in Melbourne

The nightlife in Melbourne is like nothing tourists have experienced before and this is thanks to the diversity of nightlife activities. Tourists can wander through the narrow lanes or broad boulevards of the city to uncover places tourists can drink, meet new friends and dance the night away.

  • Night clubs: The city boasts of having a large number of nightclubs. These offer a touch of sophistication and elegance. The interiors are lavish and coupled with ornate trimmings. Tourists can either dance to their hearts desire or enjoy the delights associated with Karaoke.
  • Bars, restaurants and pubs: These offer tourists enjoyable live music and they can enjoy the pleasures of the Melbourne culture better. Some of the rooftop bars offer spectacular views of the city and live music covers all types of genres starting from punk, jazz, rock and punk.


Bernadette Otieno

Bernadette Otieno is a writer and film practitioner based in Kenya. She produced her first short film called Gangari (Hustler). The film won the best student film award in the 2012 Kenyan Kalasha Television and Film Awards.

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