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Waterfall Palau Micronesia


Gloholiday Brings you, How Shark Saved Traveler’s Life

Cop of Kiribati island state located in the area of Micronesia and Polynesia, had several times to say goodbye to the life before he was miraculously rescued by shark.  Toakai Tate about 15 weeks was drifting in his boat in the Pacific Ocean and has completely despaired, when he was suddenly picked up by a passing ship, writes Daily Mail.

Waterfall Palau Micronesia

Waterfall Palau Micronesia

Tests for the policeman began in late May, when he, instead of the planned trip from one island to another was persuaded by his son-in-law and went on a voyage. On the way the men decided to take a nap, and when they woke up, they saw that their boat drifting in the Pacific waters and the coast on the horizon is not visible. “We had a meal with us. Trouble was in the other – we had nothing to drink,” – says Tate.

Men began to suffer from severe dehydration and the heart of one of them did not sustain – he died in early July. Tate buried his brother in-law in the ocean. A day after that, finally, the rains began that came a few days, and the policeman could make water supplies. “I had two choices: either they find me, or I’ll go after the son-in-law” – remembers the poor guy.



Salvation, according to the rules of the genre, came unexpected, but the man could not even imagine who he would thank. One day he woke up from major impacts on the bottom of the boat. Looking out over the board, Tate saw a fishing boat nearby and around his boat circled about six large sharks. One of the shark’s head strikes the stern and pushed the boat towards the fishermen. “Of course, the sharks have saved me, because I was very fast asleep. Ship could pass, and not realizing that I have problems,” – said the policeman.

caring shark

caring shark

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