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Hilton, Sanya China


Hilton Sanya Resort & Spa, Sanya, China

Hilton Sanya Resort and Spa Hotel 5 * built in the enchanting beauty of Yalong Bay, on the territory of national park in the southern part of Hainan Island. Here you will find everything – the beauty of nature and comfort for the rest. In the design of the hotel there combined oriental style with modern technology. The rooms are in the style of South China’s modern, fine dining, Spa-area. It is Located in 40 km from the airport in Sanya Phoenix in the Yalong Bay. Located just 15 minutes drive from Sanya City and 40 minutes from the airport, near the forest. Category is VIP. Deposit is 500yuan per day. This hotel is in the national park. The territory is most luxurious. 70% of the rooms have sea views.  The peculiarity of rooms: bathroom is located in the center of the room and has no partitions, all rooms are visually divided into two zones of steps. 1,3,5,6 housings are with private bathroom. Wi-fi and wired internet are in the rooms – 80 yuan / day. For children there is a mini-club, playground, 2 swimming pools (one with sand), a children’s slide. There is a water slide for adults. Spa center is without medical services. There are 7 bars (opened bar on the beach). The conference hall for 600 people is away from the hotel (for convenience). Private sand beach. The hotel is perfectly suited for families with children.

Hilton, Sanya China

Hilton, Sanya China


The minimum room size – 48.5m².  80% of the rooms are with sea views. The hotel has the following room categories: Bay Room Scenic View 48,5 m²; Bay Room Ocean View 48,5 m²; Bay Room Grand Ocean View 48,5 m²; Bay Room Lagoon 48,5 m²; Pacific Suite 97 m²; Pacific Suite Grand Ocean View 97 m²; Presidential Suite 488 ft²; Beach Villa 235 m²; Grand Beach Villa 353 m².

Service at the hotel

Check-In: 3:00 PM

 Check-Out: 12:00 PM

According to Eastern philosophy and Chinese traditions, the universe consists of five elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. In each of the restaurants it reflects one of the elements – style, decor and atmosphere. In restaurant “The Tree” there is elegant teak furniture, classic decor. The restaurant is located in a spacious hall lobby. In the middle of the restaurant there is a central table, divided into three parts: the part where the display teas from all over China, a coffee corner and a pastry corner. Here you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner or just a snack at any time. In the restaurant “Fire” the main theme of this restaurant is the flame, open fire. Our chefs prepare dishes from different countries on an open fire. For lunch served everything from noodles and pasta to sandwiches, sushi and barbecue. In the evening, here there is a more formal atmosphere and serves delicious of “French China” and “Sushi Samba”. In the restaurant “Earth” there are the best gifts of the earth, of eight Chinese cantons’ cuisine.  The best Chinese delicacies, modern interior, outdoor terraces. Restaurant “Water” – the main theme of this restaurant is the current, running or flowing down the cascade of water. This Japanese restaurant is set amidst gardens. The floor is from the glass, at the bottom there is a pond. In the middle of the restaurant there is a giant aquarium. Here guests can taste sushi, sashimi, oysters and other seafood. Restaurant “The Metal”  is a bar with a chic and lavish gold trim. During the day restaurant offers drinks and snacks, in the evening – live music.

Most of the tourists vacationing in this hotel speak about and evaluate it positively:

Hilton Sanya Resort & Spa 5 * (Hainan)

 Location                              Rating: 5

 Territory                              Rating: 5

 Room                                   Rating: 5

 Service                                 Rating: 5

 Food                                     Rating: 5

 The sea and the beach     Rating: 5

 Recreation and Sports      Rating: 5

 Children                               Rating: 5

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