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How to Explore the City of Seattle

In Seattle, you can explore many places that offer a different flavor, enough to remember for a lifetime. From cultural, natural to historical places, you are bound to fall in love with its diversity. Whether you have the kids with you or someone who wants to explore and be carefree, by being a backpacker, it would leave you satisfied with all and everything it has to offer.

To make the most of your Seattle visit, the recommended way to explore some of the places, and of course hidden gems, is by foot. One of America’s leading travel destinations, Seattle offers you stunning architecture, markets, and great eating joints in its downtown area.

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Downtown Seattle

While in downtown, see and experience the eclectic mix of the old world charm with the modern-day skyscrapers. Get the breathtaking views of waterways and mountains, with the dash of major attractions. Downtown is easy on foot, and you can easily explore the attractions and markets without going on a public transport. Visit the Pike Place Market that overlooks the Elliot Bay that houses many eateries and restaurants. Start your day by visiting one of the cafes or a visit to the Sweet Iron, which will give you enough bites or a delicious Belgian breakfast, to fill you up for the day. Downtown is a home for merchants, craftsmen, and small farmers, which allows you to seep into its local flavor. In addition, there are plenty of shops and stores selling comic books and antiques, with of course some great attractions and restaurants.

A visit to the Seattle Art Museum is great for art enthusiasts because it houses modern works by Asian, African, American, and Australian artists. Visit the museum for free if you are there on the first Thursday of the month. The Frye Art Museum allows free entry with complimentary tours for you to check out some of the gorgeous pieces of artwork from the 19th and 20th centuries.

The first Saturday of each month gives you a free opportunity to check out The Paramount Theatre. The theatre has shows, concerts, and events happening almost every day to keep you entertained and lighthearted on your Seattle visit.

Parsons Garden is a hidden gem, with winding paths and lovely flowers around. Visit if you want to relax a bit with your favorite book.


Coffee Crawl

A birthplace of coffee drinks, Seattle is known for the world’s largest concentration of coffee roasters. While on foot, you cannot resist the coffee flavor and its divine smell. Go on its very famous coffee crawl walking tour that lets you dig into the coffee history and culture of Seattle. The tour lasts for about two hours, making you feel oh-so-yummy all the time, while you snake through the streets of the downtown area as you sip and taste different coffee throughout.

Staying in downtown Seattle is the best bet to stay close to most of the attractions, while admiring the gorgeous views from your hotel’s window. There are many hotels in Seattle that offer basic to luxury stays, suiting all kinds of pockets. If looking for an affordable accommodation, La Quinta Inn and Suites offers comfy rooms with easy access to popular places like the Pink Door, Pike Place Market, and the Space Needle.

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