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How to Save Money on an International Holiday Travel?

Taking a break from your work and planning an international vacation with your family is fun, but holiday travel should not hamper your peace of mind when it comes to the overall cost of the entire deal. That doesn’t mean that you have to drop the idea of crossing the border, you just have to be smart to shed away that extra expense wherever possible. Here are some ways to save on your international travel:


  1. Book Flights In Advance – It is true that if you book your flights in advance, you are more likely to get a good deal and cheaper flights. The closer you are to your travel date, the more expensive the flight tickets are. So try booking flights at least 14 days in advance. The trend as noticed has been that if you book the flight in the middle of the week, there are chances that you’ll get low-cost flights as compared to the weekend.
  2. Flexibility in Flights – It is recommended that you keep your travel options flexible especially when flying cross-country during rush times. It makes a lot of difference when you fly from an airport which is not centrally located. Try locating an airport which does not have too much of footfall and you may get a lot better price to fly for.
  3. Travel Dates – Most travellers prefer to get home on the weekend after their vacation. Therefore, prices for these flights are higher due to high demand. So it’s a great idea to modify your travel plans and return on mid-week day to get the better of the deals.
  4. Promotional Codes and Coupons – Find out and accumulate codes and virtual coupons for achieving some extra miles or discounts on flights. You can usually get such codes during festive seasons on airline sites or travel sites. Research a bit and you can get something useful.
  5. Buy a Package Deal – A combo is always cheaper than an individual item, be it food or travel! There are a number of companies that offer a good combo of hotel, airfare, car rentals and meals. Those packages always work out cheaper than the individual things that you might book separately. So approach a good travel company and you could strike a great package.
  6. Affordable Accommodation – If you try booking a high-end hotel during peak hours, you will have to pay a fortune to get a good room at a good location. Consider budget hotel alternatives to expensive hotels and you will be able to stay in a good hotel for a lesser price. So for instance, if a particular event is to happen in the centre of the city, that you intend to attend, try finding a hotel on the outskirts of the city. Lesser people will stay in that hotel thus you can get a good 3 star or 4 star hotel also at a good price.
  7. Negotiate a Lower Hotel Price – There are ways you can negotiate the hotel price and keep your accommodation cost in control. Contact the hotel that you most want to stay at, ask for the guest relations manager and address the person warmly by name (to give a personalised touch) and explain that you really like the hotel but would like to stick to your own budget. It is wise to ask the person clearly if they could give you a good deal that could fit into your financials.
  8. Reward Points – There is a variety of reward points that you could earn from different sources and use them to make your vacation cheaper. There are car rental reward points that you could carry forward from your previous destination to this vacation. Even frequent flyer miles are a wonderful way to save something on your flight costs. Gas rewards cards are also popular nowadays. But people mostly make use of their cash back cards and get cash back for their reward points.



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