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Independence-day India


Independence Day in India – 15th August

Every year, August 15, India marks the biggest holiday – Independence Day (Independence Day in India) – the anniversary of India’s independence from Britain. Independence Day is celebrated since 1947. The Independence Day is one of the three most important national holidays, so that all government agencies and public institutions are closed, most private companies also offer holidays to their workers. In schools and colleges there on this occasion classes are canceled. However, pupils, students and teachers gather for the singing of the universal anthem, amateur choirs, sporting events, a small feast with sweets, seminars and round tables take place.

Independence-day India

Independence-day India

On this day in 1947 the Act of Independence of India (Indian Independence Act) went into effect, and over the walls of the Red Fort in Delhi, the first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru at a large gathering of people raised the tricolor flag of independent India. Thus a new stage in the history of the ancient country was marked.

Flag raising ceremony held on this day in many cities and even villages of the country. It is traditional the ritual of speeches by local politicians. All formal speeches, as a rule, bring the introduction of historical narratives, reminding the audience about the difficult path of India to its independence, the glorious traditions of the national liberation struggle. On the occasion of Independence Day the celebrations are held by governors. Solemn Assemblies are also organized by series of semi-and non-governmental organizations.

Until the proclamation of the Republic of India in the 1950 Independence Day was the only national holiday, the official holiday of all government agencies, private industrial and commercial enterprises. In the years 1947-1949 on the occasion of this festival in the capital was held a military parade. These days, have given the way to the main holiday – Republic Day, Independence Day is marked, however, with mass celebrations.  The Independence Day is celebrated by all citizens of India – regardless of nationality or religion. In a certain sense, this festival symbolizes the desire of democratic India to strengthen the unity of the country, inter-communal fragmentation and dissociation, overcoming of the remaining vestiges of feudalism.

Also, Independence Day symbolizes the union of more than 400 separate princely states into one great and united Republic of India. It should be noted that the festival has united all nations, involved the multi-national and multi-religious population in the total action. Yes, there is no shortage of festivals in India – they are perhaps a little too much, but a celebration, awakening a sense of solidarity, unity, brotherly love, is really one. So, August 15 is a day of nationwide joy. This is a time of absence of any rituals, but of too much fun and warm feelings. All day long the Indians prefer to spend outdoors. The atmosphere of joy and pride for their country, hope for a brighter future – this is what this holiday gives!

Dilbag Koundal

Dilbag is an IT Entrepreneur born and raised in India.

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