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Insight For Travel Buddies

Many of us have the same experience of talking about travelling somewhere with bunch of friends then leave it there and never talk about it again. My girlfriend and I wanted to go to the Summer Olympics in London 2012. We got very involved, talked about plane tickets, hotels, exploring London, sports etc. And that what that, we never mentioned it summer in London again.

I have always wondered about reasons why. Maybe we did not start to save money right away, had no written plans, motivation to cross over words to realization or got scared of being on our own. With some other travel buddies I have had more success. We planned more and talked what would be or happen less. We contacted travel agencies, got in touch with people who travelled our destination and made a list of  packable things.

There is one experience you can live throughly with your travel buddies. Real friendship. We can know each other as we truly are only by new paths and movements. All our interests, tolerance and manageability come as they are- unmask, clean and glaringly open to everyone around which is the best way to learn about each other and also grow, mature, making a lifelong friendships.

Have you ever travel with different friends to the same place? Each friend makes it undiscovered and new and you can create few new puzzle boards out of same city for example, every other time you got to visited it.

Sharing your interests, life views, walk of life and routines make your travel arrangements much easier.  We can relax and open up about our fears. Fear of missing something out, being stuck at one place while all the music, fun and wind in the hair goes through the itinerary of someone else.   

So you make a bucket list and make sure that first you have to feel. After that you need to wish something. And finally in order to make it happen you should write it down and stick to it. 

World travelling can be educational, cultural, it opens your mind and senses, it gives you self-confidence and makes you aware that we are all equal but not the same. That last term can be perfectly lined up in your bucket list. If you and your friends are of „wanting to know more“ kind there are so many natural and history sites which incorporates beauty and knowledge. Every friend in a group can find something interesting for himself/herself.

Here is a bucket list proposal for you!

  • Paris, France,  Louvre Museum

If you havenꞌt been to Louvre, there is always a good decision to make it happen. Long kews can be endurable with bookstores and giftshops near the museum. You can also check their web site for many interesting information.

  • Madrid,  Spain, Nacional Museum Prado

Museum Prado is located in central Madrid, it can easily be found. Dating from the beginning of the 19th century, Prado is one of the most visited museums in the world, just like the Louvre.

  • Florence, Italy, Uffizi Gallery

One of the most popular galleries in the world, it is THE place for high schoolꞌs trips from around the world. Region of Tuscany is still every travellerꞌs dream, one of the few places where you can walk into painting in motion.

  • Salzburg, Austria, Mozarts birthplace

Great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, in 1756. His residence is well preserved and welcomes travellers from all continents. Salzburg  means „salt castle“, it is baroque town with all modern accomodities and it has itꞌs own airport.

  •  Bran, Romania, Bran Castle

The Bran Castle is museum, having itꞌs history so long and extended from the begining of the 13th century. There are so many stories about count Dracula, famouse blood fan, that need to be researched, because non of them are proved yet, saying that count lived at the Bran. Vlad Tepes or Vlad the Impaler, also known as Dracula (derived from latin word draco- dragon, title Order of  Dragon was given to the defenders of Christian Europe from the Ottoman Empire) lived in 15th century and fought against Ottomans. His habit of cruel dealing with the enemies gave the imaginative nickname Impaler (he impaled people) and legend of Vlad being the imortal vampire has lived for more than 500 years. If you do not panic, travelling through the regions of Transylvania and Wallachia can be relaxing and bonding.

  • Roma, Italy

Anything you visit in Roma, you can say you have been to the center of the world. Roman Empire existed for more than 1000 years and we walk itꞌs streets as we read.

  • London, United Kingdom

Just like Roma. Everywhere you go, you are in London. Have fun!

  •  Ontario, Canada and state of New York, USA, Niagara Falls

Nature beauty and hydroelectric power- trio of falls: Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls make you feel small and larger then life at the same time- we are all part of the circle.

  •  Norway, Aurora borealis

Nothern part of Norway offers unique experience of watching nothern lights. The best time of the year for a visit is last three months (from October to December) and first three months. (from January to March)

There are many hotels, rastaurants, tours and cruises you can enjoy waiting for Aurora borealis.

  • Pre-Columbian Peru

Famous well survived Machu Picchu, history of Incan Empire, Cusco-city with everlasting architecture and proof of pre-columbian progress.

  • Plitvice, Croatia, Plitvice Lakes- national park

Beautiful forest, 16 lakes with waterfalls, hiking trails, small hotels, biking and boat rides with fresh air and calm area give an everlasting memories for friends seeking an active holiday. National park is open daily whole year.

  • Nederlands, Giethoorn

Small town Giethoorn has canals and no roads. It has medieval origins and proudly, in the 21st century, do not allow cars inside town. Visitors can rent motorboats or canoes, or walk over 180 wooden bridges. Bikes are welcomed.

Giethoorn is situated northeast of Amsterdam, around two hours car drive apart.

  • Germany, Castels of Bavaria

Bavaria region in Germany offers many natural and historical beauties. There are castels situated over hills under the monuntains, some are on the lake islands, everything is clean and well maintainted. Driving,  you can enjoy Bavarian Alps. (known castles like Neuschwanstein Castle, Hohenschwangau Castle, Herrenchiemsee Castle)

Fun seeking travel buddies can make their expectations through another bucket list of activities destined to be nothing less then great memories.

  • Sahara desert, Tunisia

Famous desert and camel riding. The time of the world stops- and you are laughing!

  • Wandering, Paris, France

Meaning- wandering through Paris without a map. (and fun happens)

  • Jerusalem, Israel

Walking, shopping, seeing and feeling the biggest market in Jerusalem. (Mahane Yehuda)

  • Prague, Czech Republic

Beer tour!!!

  • Island of Cres, Croatia

Cres is northern island of the Adriatic Sea. Biking is one of the fun joys when it comes to discovering Cres. Tracks are well connected. You will find some sheeps along the way. J

  • Istanbul, Turkey

If you and your friends like to follow Turkish TV dramas (or soap operas) this is the place for you. Sailing you can see many villas from well known tv productions.

  • Park Kupjak, Croatia

Great fun and photo opportunities; zipline-adrenalin park, paintball, bridging, archery.

  • Crete, Greece

Exploring the island spontaneously. Entering any bus as it comes and travel around.

  • Munich, Germany

Oktoberfest !! Visiting the folk festival can never go wrong. It last around 18 days each year from the end of September until the beginning of October. Drinks and food tents, carnival rides, music. (no smoking and you will have to walk, there is no parking- so much better for you)

  • Normandy, France

There is so much history to it, but today, Normandy beaches have a great deal of fun bucket lists- some are horse-riding, playing golf, shell collecting, sailing.

The best thing about bucket lists is that you can combine whatever suits you- you can connect some other places with shown suggestions or make something new out of visited destinations.

Sanja Šimić

Sanja Šimić is passionate about sociology and history. She writes poetry, historical articles and teaches at Gymnasium Nova Gradiška, Croatia.


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