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The International Puppet Festival of Segovia, Spain

Puppet festivals in Spain are not what visitors to Spain normally think of first upon arriving in the country. However ‘The International Puppet Festival of Segovia’, Spain is a week long arts festival that is held in mid May each year. The International Puppet Festival of Segovia celebrates puppetry and puppet theatre with shows and street events exhibited throughout the city. The puppet festivals in Spain invites visitors annually to Segovia to enjoy wonderful live shows that tell unique stories, tales and legends. Puppets are in the street and on stages that invite you to travel and dream.

Also known as the Titirimundi International Puppet Festival, the annual event takes place in historic city of Segovia. A city that is also famous for its Roman Aqueduct, Segovia is one of the must see ancient cities in Spain. Hence the city is well known and not just for its puppet festivals in Spain.

Segovia is also designated as an UNESCO World Heritage site. It is about an hour away from the Spanish capital Madrid by car and a wonderful choice for a day trip from Madrid. The bus between Madrid and Segovia runs frequently and is easy to hop on and off.

About The International Puppet Festival of Segovia

Roughly each year about 335 shows for the The International Puppet Festival of Segovia were put on around the city of Segovia in public squares, streets and churches and other public arenas and centers within the city.

This magical arts event in Segovia is celebrated across the nation as puppet companies and renowned puppeteers from across the world take part in the festival, which is in its 30th year by 2016.

Puppet Festivals in Spain

Acts included in the International Puppet Festival of Segovia, Spain include everything from ventriloquists to a whistling belly button with street and stage shows. The festival offers great hospitality and a warm welcome to guests and puppet fans from all corners of the globe.

So Much More to do in the City of Segovia

The are more than just amusing puppet festivals in spain to be found in Segovia. The city has other culturally indulgent options for tourists to visit. Such as ancient churches, libraries and mountain walks to name but a few.

The Cave of the Monk

The Myth of the Templar and the hermit : The Sierra de Guadarrama is dotted with magical places and worldly legends. This route, which offers beautiful views of the valley of Valsaín is a popular choice as we approach the lair of a legendary hermit traveler.

Flight at Sunrise in Segovia

Fly balloons and see the sunrise over the ancient cityscape of Segovia. Balloon passengers on the trip are invited to a glass of fine champagne to celebrate this unforgettable occasion of early morning flight. The dawn balloon flight over Segovia is an adventure flight not to be missed which lasts for over one hour.

Balloon Flight in Segovia Videos

Take a peek at this selection of balloon flight videos from the city of Segovia.

The hot air balloon flight departs from the from the Altos de la Piedad de Segovia. The total duration of the flight activity is around 3 to 4 hours. The balloon flight will take passengers roughly 1000ft into the morning air.

In the Sierra del Dragon, Seven Peaks Mountain Climb

From Port of Navacerrada, through ecosystems of great beauty and height. Climbers can ascend to the summit mythical Seven Peaks. Here on these magnificent peaks is where spectacular views and lifelong memories are made.

Flowers and Fauna at The Royal Palace of La Granja

Also in Segovia and the immediate area visitors can enjoy Los Jardines del Palacio Real de La Granja. These gardens have much more to offer intrepid visitors than just its monumental fountains. This garden style tour offers the visitor a different perspective to the usual visit to the site. Bringing you depth and insight into the great variety of different vegetation and wild fauna. This is a great activity for nature fans and gardening hobbyists alike.

Visit ‘The International Puppet Festival of Segovia.’ While at the festival take additional time and respite. Enjoy a city in Spain that is vibrant, welcoming and engaging to all of its visitors. Segovia is a Spanish city that you will wish to return and see more of in time to come.

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