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Visit Khakassia and Explore Mysterious Ancient Sites

To visit Khakassia is an experience like no other on earth. When as travelers we explore the mysterious territory of Khakassia in the eastern, southern Siberia. We discover that the territory of Khakassia has been inhabited since ancient times. There are about 30 thousand monuments of ancient history and mysterious ancient sites in these lands.

There are cultural monuments such as copper, bronze and iron age relics. Ancient burial sites can be found throughout the territory of Khakassia. In Khakassia history and mystery awaits the curious traveler willing to explore and behold.

In the steppe part of the tract Salbyk intrepid explorers who come to visit Khakassia will find traces of dozens kings and hundreds of tribal burial mounds. Khakassia is not as well known as other similar sites around the world. However it is no less remarkable and mysterious.

Mysterious Ancient Sites

One of these unique monuments are standing alone on top of a mountain range two menhir “Big Gates”. In the north of Khakassia in the White-Iyusskom historical and archaeological nature reserve. Here we find the sanctuary of relics dating back to  the Bronze Age. On the walls of which there are the mysterious compositions of drawings and no less mysterious signs and symbols.

visit Khakassia - the mounds in the Salbyk Valley are akin to the Egyptian pyramids

the mounds in the Salbyk Valley are akin to the Egyptian pyramids

In the valley of the White Yus focus, in addition to burial grounds, are many other heritage sites for travelers to see when they visit Khakassia. These sites include spectacular caves and grottoes. And each one is unique. If you want to see the Siberian nature, to hear the voice chathana. To breathe the smell of mouthwatering sultry steppes, meet with the ancient monuments of the past. Or to take part in the distinctive bright holidays. All of this awaits eager travelers arriving in the Siberian region of Khakassia.

Visit Khakassia, See The Valley of the Kings. Salbyk Mound

The English mystery of Stonehenge, Valley of the Kings in Egypt or Egyptian Pyramids are famous worldwide. Perhaps Khakassia is not quite as well known as these. Yet how would you like to discover the Valley of the Kings in Khakassia?

Valley of the wisdom of great knowledge, which lies about the past centuries. Knowledge reveals the essence of man in a reasonable way of thinking. It indicates the path of spiritual development. Pathways that will facilitate the connection of mind, body and soul and bring correction of human biological structures.

Videos of Khakassia in Siberia

Take a peek at this selection of videos showcasing the Khakassia in Siberia.

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For the mounds in the Salbyk Valley are akin to the Egyptian pyramids. On the ground, building mounds are the same as 3-4 thousand years ago. Every bit as spectacular as the ancient pyramids of Egypt.

After the excavation of the mound in the Big Salbyk (1954-56.) It is possible that the leader might have been removed. Yet the spirit of the leader will not leave. He lives in our civilization, as a conductor for in the valley miracles happen.

The Big Salbyk Mound 

The Big Salbyk mound is  one of the most majestic and mysterious ancient sites of Southern Siberia. Barrow is located in the Valley of the Kings. Here several thousand years ago there was Tagar kingdom. Valley of the Kings gained its name because of the large number of mounds located on this site.

The Big Salbyk mound is one of the most majestic and mysterious ancient sites of Southern Siberia

The Big Salbyk mound is one of the most majestic and mysterious ancient monuments of Southern Siberia

Archaeologists found that the monument was erected in the 3rd century BC. Salbyk Mound is actually a grand burial structure of a certain ancient king. This tomb, excavated in the steppes of Khakassia, belonged to a powerful man. A man so powerful that for 25 centuries, there was no equal.

This giant structure looks like this. A small hill surrounded by huge slabs of stone, dug into the ground. Riddle Salbyk mound in many ways resembles the English mystery of Stonehenge. For further reading try this resource.

The area situated around the graves have long observed a strange anomaly. Scientists say that the menhirs (the so-called Khakasses these boards) were placed on the border with the “Holy Land.” The strength of their impact has already been proved. Roughly one and a half miles from this place is a bipolar anomalous zone. It is a zone marked by two plates called Salbyk gate.

Here people visit Khakassia at this remarkable place. It is here that come the people who believe in the healing power of these mysterious ancient sites. You can even see that in some places the stones are ground with their very keen and raw hands.

Valley of the Kings is popular among many international and domestic tourists. They visit Khakassia in southern Siberia. They come and spend quality time exploring the mysterious ancient sites. Some will experience ritual cleansing with a Shaman. Experiencing and renewing energy of the person. Regardless of the reasons, a visit to Khakassia is an unforgettable travel experience.

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