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Learn All About Spain at the Conexion Spain Virtual Trade Show

If traveling to Spain is something you have enjoyed in the past or have always wanted to do then attending the Conexion Spain Virtual Trade show would definitely be of interest to you. Researching another country for the purpose of personal travel can be quite an undertaking. For anyone, putting together an overseas vacation is overwhelming, especially when there are so many things to do and see! To make things easier, just visit the Conexion Spain Virtual Trade Show to find out which Spanish cities and activities you connect with most so that you can plan the most spectacular trip. Discover Spain through the many scenic and gastronomic experiences the country has to offer, through the click of a button.

Attractions in Spain

Spain is a country full of history, so there is no shortage of monuments and cathedrals to visit.  A popular educational activity for tourists to partake in is touring the great historical routes of Spain such as the Silver Route, The Paths of Sepharad or The Way of St James. Maybe even learn a bit of the Spanish language while you are there. Tapas tours, especially in Granada or Seville are a wonderful excursion full of gastronomic delight. Why not try attending a Real Madrid soccer game? Or the City or Arts and Sciences in Valencia?

Tourist Attractions in Spain

Tourist Attractions in Spain

Registration is free and you have the luxury of all this information readily at your fingertipsand from the comfort of your own home. The trade show is designed so that you can explore over 40 different vendors and even get the opportunity to web chat with travel professionals.  For your convenience, the show is open for 48 hours straight starting at 12am EST April 10th. There are also many amazing prizes to be won including 2 grand prize round trip vacations to Spain leaving from New York and Toronto, worth over $4000 each!  To register or to check out more prizes, click here.

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