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Sri Lanka


Lets go to Sri Lanka, An Exciting Land to visit

Long, long ago, in ancient times, the king of Rakshasa Ravana abducted Sita, wife of Rama, and hid her in his abode in Lanka. Rama in union with the god Hanuman invaded Lanka led a huge army and freed the kidnapped wife. Well of course, you immediately know the plot of “Ramayana,” the greatest poem of ancient India, which Sri Lanka owed its fame.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Because of the long years of Portuguese colonial rule there are almost no traces of bloody battles of Rama and Ravana, but the other holy sites and places of interest – more than enough.  Sure, you do not miss the opportunity to venerate the Buddha’s tooth in the Dalada Maligawa – this tooth Ananda snatched out from the funeral fire. Over the centuries, this unique relic was not only the pride of kings of Lanka and one of the major Buddhist shrines, but also the key to the invincibility of this small Indian island. Fans of lush eastern festivals cannot deny themselves the pleasure to take part in lush Buddhist processions and carnivals, and animal lovers can even feed a baby elephant from the hands in the elephant nursery Pinavelly – from here the elephants are sent worldwide on shipping costs.


Dilbag Koundal

Dilbag is an IT Entrepreneur born and raised in India.

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