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Must-Do Activities for a London Stag Weekend

A stag do offers men a unique opportunity to leave behind the pressures they face daily and just enjoy their special friendships for a short period of time, and there is no better place to have a grand old time than London. Those planning such an event should take into account the personality of the groom and should first check to see if there are certain activities that he does not desire. Then, they should arrange a weekend including several of the following London stag do favorites:

Ready, Set, Action!

Stags who want non-stop entertainment and need to keep moving to prevent boredom should arrange a day of quad biking, archery, clay shooting, go karting, or paint balling. This could be followed by a night of challenging games at a local pub to bring out the competitive spirit in the gang. As the drinks go down, the skill levels may deteriorate, but the tournaments will become more amusing and the fun will only escalate. Book a pub that offers crown green bowling, bar billiards, table football, or dartboards and watch the men become boys again trying to best each other.

Hearts and Clubs

If the thought of lovely ladies makes an evening sound delightful, London clubs are the place to be. Choose a hotel within walking distance, take the Tube, or arrange for transport before heading out for a night of pub crawling. Take in some oil wrestling with some scantily clad lasses or arrange for the groom to enjoy a lap dance at Platinum Lace, if you are sure that he will enjoy such shenanigans. Have a meal at Waxy O’Connors and
then check out some or all of these local bars: Ruby Blue, Tiger Tiger, the Warwick, or the Loop Bar. Some stags consider a night at a comedy club to be great fun while others prefer to stick with drinking games to create their own comedies.

Gambling Fever

If the groom is the kind of fellow who enjoys making a bet every now and then, his mates might like to enjoy a stag do that centers around a day and night of gambling. At a stag do in London, a day at the greyhound track is great fun, and this city has plenty of great casino action. The London Playboy Club is always an option, but the following casinos are also quite unique: Napoleon’s Leicester Square, The Golden Nugget, The Casino at the Empire, and the Palm Beach Casino. A stag do poker tournament might be arranged ahead of time at most of these establishments if that is the preferred activity.

A great London stag do should be built around activities that provide the most pleasure for the groom, but the safety of the group should always be taken into account. Arrangements for transportation and lodging should be in place before any other decisions are made, and these should determine how much fun can be packed into the time allotted for the event.

Andrea Thompson writes for, where you can read more about stag weekends in London and other UK cities.

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