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Nashville Food Scene


The New Nashville Food Scene is a Must See for Culture and Creativity

In recent years, the Nashville food scene has grown and is widely celebrated by many foodies. The food culture has really changed in Nashville, because of the increased population growth Nashville has experienced. Nashville has always been a city that attracted the creative desiring to make it big in the music business. However the Nashville food scene is an experience not to be missed by any visitor.

After all, Nashville is called “Music City” for a reason. The increased population growth as added a spirit of transition and diversity that the city did not previously have, at least not at the current level. The new food culture is directly related to this spirit of transition and diversity coupled with the southern roots and creativity that have existed in the city for a long time.

A Growing and Trending City

The local Nashville newspaper The Tennessean reports that around 85 people move to the greater Nashville metropolitan area on a daily basis. After taking a look at data from the US Census Bureau and the Nashville Metro Planning Organization, the number is probably closer to around 70 people per day.

The Nashville Food Scene

In recent years, Nashville has grown a food scene that is celebrated by many foodies.

Regardless of the number, a lot of people move to Nashville on a daily basis. Not all the people moving to Nashville are expiring musicians. Nashville has an incredible building boom going on, and there are a lot of jobs in Nashville. However, many people move here in transition, and not really knowing why they came here.

So many people have moved here in the last decade or so, a common question has arisen when you meet someone new. The question is: where are you from? The question is based on the assumption that you are not from Nashville, and the assumption is often correct.

Nashville is a Must See for Culture, Diversity and Creativity

The food in Nashville is as diverse as the people who live here. Most are aware that Nashville has recently become famous for its hot chicken. Many of the types of cuisine that you will find in Nashville are not surprising: southern comfort food, bbq, and soul food.

However, even these traditional southern foods have attracted restaurants to develop an artisan, creative, and creative flair in regards to the food. In many ways this is due to the creative nature of the people who are attracted to Nashville. Sometimes I feel like I am in Chicago, when I see tons of places serving gyros, tacos, and burgers taken to the next level.

You also will find Thai, Chinese, Italian, steak, and many other types. All these types have attracted creative chefs that fuse different styles in the traditional style. Nashville has also taken its pizza to a new level. Nashville has become a mecca for food trucks. The food trucks in Nashville offer every possible style of food you can think of and some that you would have never thought of.

So What’s Cooking in the Nashville Food Scene?

Now I will give you examples of the unique food you can find in Nashville. At Pinewood Social they have a layered dish known as egg in a jar. The dish is actually in a hinged lid glass jar.

In the jar you will find a poached egg, pieces of chives and country ham, with a crunch toast layered in a Mornay sauce with bits of truffles. At the Yellow Porch, you find cheese fritters served with a creamy aioli sauce. At the Capital Grill you will find a sweet onion bisque with miniature Brie grilled cheese, bacon, and chive sandwich.

City House

City House Nashville

City House Nashville

At City House, one of Nashville’s great eateries this item is not on the menu, but it is a belly ham pizza, with mozzarella and grana padano cheese, oregano, chile flakes, and pork belly ham. Also make sure you ask for the fried egg on top of the pizza. For dessert, there is a must get item at Puckett’s.  A deep friend brownie toped with vanilla bean ice cream, spiced pecans, candy bacon, and it’s all heated in a skillet.

There are way too many examples of the creativity, especially the mixture of styles to include in this article. One classic example would be that several restaurants have fused southern flare with other traditional styles such as Italian.

One food truck has gone way beyond the creativity borders with what they do with grilled cheese. After all, you basic grill cheese has so many ways to expand its horizons with. Now this is not to say that there are not plenty of restaurants that just have straightforward styles that are not has innovative.

Nashville Restaurants and Eating Out

Many of these restaurants do things so well in an old style fashion that creativity is not as needed. For instance, if you do barbeque slow in the right manner; you just really do not need to re-invent the wheel.

The food scene in Nashville is a direct representation of the culture, diversity, transitional nature, and creativity of the city. The food culture of Nashville has benefited from the change in culture of the city due to increased population and diversity.

Final Thought

It is not totally surprising, since most US cities that are great food towns have a more diverse population. I highly recommend that you come to Nashville and experience its new food culture. The Nashville food scene is an experience not to be missed.

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