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hotels in bahamas


Nassau is a popular resort and capital of the Bahamas

Nassau is a popular resort and capital of the Bahamas, located on the island of New Providence. This is a cultural, business and historic center of the state. Holidays in Nassau are selected by tourists who want to get acquainted with the rich history of the Bahamas, relax on stunning beaches, fun in the famous nightclubs and luxury casinos.

hotels in bahamas

hotels in bahamas

During the holiday the resort’s guests can explore many monuments of the Victorian era. A popular place for walks is Parliament Square where the statue of the Queen, the Supreme Court Building, Parliament and the colonial administration are situated. No less famous is the royal staircase, made of limestone, which leads to Fort Charlotte intricacies of tunnels, stairways and dungeons.  Now here is a museum.

Tourists prefer the study of ancient monuments more modern entertainment, likely to appeal to walk in Bay Street, where there are numerous restaurants and shops.Beach recreation and nightlife await guests of the resort in the area of Cable Beach and Paradise Island designed for those who love luxury.The best time for the holiday season is considered to be in Nassau from September to May.

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