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Five New Zealand Experiences That You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

Every country has experiences that are unique to them, but New Zealand has some of the best the world can offer! There is so much to see and do in this land down under, that you are sure to find yourself visiting more than once so you can fit it all in. To help you plan a visit to this breathtaking country, here are five New Zealand experiences that you simply cannot miss out on.

1. Visiting Middle Earth

Of course, this has to be the first point, as New Zealand is home to the sets from the Lord of the Rings film franchise. Although the films are almost 20 years old, you can still take a trip to Hobbiton and visit Bag End in person. It’s one of those places that you must visit to really get a feel for what it’s like to be there. The Hobbiton experience is an immersive one, and you can even tour around and visit each of the locations used as a film set in the trilogy.

2. Self-Drive Tours

These are pretty self-explanatory, as the package includes your entire holiday experience (there are even Lord of the Rings bundles) as well as a car hire so that you can drive yourself around to each location. It offers you more flexibility and freedom as well as comfort since many people prefer to drive themselves even when they are on holiday. New Zealand self drive tours take holiday packages to the next level, and there are so many amazing and unique experiences to choose from.

3. Be the First to See the Sun

If you take a trip to Gisborne on the North Island, you can witness something before anyone else in the world – the sunrise. This city is the first in the world to watch the sun comes up each day, and aside from the location being beautiful, there is nothing quite like knowing that you are the first person to watch the sun rise and the moon set. It’s an experience to brag about!

4. Ancient Civilisations

The Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand, and their culture is rich with history and gripping tales. The whole country is filled with heritage sites and traditional events that you can either visit or take part in, and it’s recommended that you visit a few of these places while you’re visiting the country. Rotorua, on the North Island, has some brilliant ancient sites to check out.

5. Glow Worm Caves

The glow worm is unique to New Zealand, and this is what makes the caves in Waitomo so special. As you explore this underground location, the whole place lights up with thousands of little lights that look like stars – and they are the glow worms that are sitting all around you. It’s a stunning sight and one that is sure to take your breath away.

Whether you want to explore ancient histories or visit the stunning world created by Tolkien, New Zealand has something for everyone and each adventure is more unique than the last. There is really a lot to see here, and we hope that you are able to explore all of nature, landmarks, and history that this fascinating country has to offer.

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