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NYC’s 5 Best Modern Art Galleries

New York City is full of modern-art galleries. It would be impossible to see all of them in one trip, but there are a select few that are a must no matter what. You could easily make an entire vacation to NYC focused on exploring several galleries and museums about modern art. Art lovers from around the globe go to New York City to see the galleries and works of art that are world famous here.

The Museum Of Modern Art

The Museum Of Modern Art

This museum is lovingly known as MoMA, and it is the first museum that is dedicated to modern art in New York City. Here you will find great pieces by photographers in New York, Tokyo avantgarde, film and so much more. This museum is massive, stunning and enriching. It is a must if you are visiting NYC.

Agora Gallery

Agora Gallery

This contemporary gallery is free to visit and open most days of the week. Agora features fresh artists and intermediate artists. This gallery is made of close-knit members and appreciators. Visiting is an experience for all. It’s worth a stop in if you are near 25th street.

Luhring Augustine Gallery

This impressive gallery is located in Manhattan, and it is an absolute must for art lovers and buyers. Expensive artworks are available for sale here. If you want to own a Warhol or a Picasso, then Luhring is the place to go in NYC. They feature sculpture, photography, paintings and drawings that will inspire you from the moment you walk in. Luhring is an incredible gallery that is worthy of this top-five list.

SOHO Gallery for Digital Art

SOHO Gallery for Digital Art

This gallery for digital art is a one-of-a-kind experience. They feature artwork, comedy and so many other events on a regular basis. Admission to the gallery is always free, but special events have a price range. It is always an affordable place to hang out and have fun. The SOHO gallery is unique because it features digital artwork instead of paintings and drawings. You will have a blast exploring the creative works in this gallery.

Matthew Marks Gallery

This free exhibit showcases the works of European and American artists. This unique gallery features photography, paintings, drawings, sculptures, film and so much more. It’s an educational experience to visit here, and you will fall in love with the work displayed on its walls. Matthew Marks Gallery is a supreme choice when visiting the city.

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