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Olympic Games in London 2012

Logo of XXX Olympic Games in London will appear to us as grouped in a square clearly delineated four digits 2, 0, 1 and 2 denoting the year of the Olympics. In the left side of the image there is the word London, on the right side there are the Olympic rings. The emblem has a bright yellow stroke and may be available in 4 colors. The creating the logo took a little over a year and costs the organizers have managed in a rather large sum – the total cost estimate was about 800,000 dollars.

omg olympic

omg olympic

The Organizing Committee of Olympic Games so reveals its vision of the logo: “The new logo uses the Olympic spirit that will inspire everyone and will link young people. It is a dynamic, modern and flexible. Logo is a symbol of London 2012 and will be recognizable by people of all ages around the world. It will form the character and individuality of the 2012 Olympics. ” For the presentation the Olympics were also presented two video clips, but their fate was transient. According to the British charity Epilepsy Action 10 people complained and several people suffered a seizure after attending the 2012 Olympic site and view videos. According to experts, the frame rate in the video, which shows a swimmer jumps into the pool does not comply with the rules of British control of communication. “As soon as we became aware of the problem, we took immediate action and removed the animation from the site. We are currently reworking the animation, “said an anonymous representative of the organizer of the Olympic Games.

The emblem itself also did not escape criticism of people. Immediately after the formal submission thousands of British have signed the Internet petition asking to change the design of the official symbols. According to the British, the emblem resembles graffiti on a fence made by urban artists-nuggets. For someone these are the sinister symbols of the twentieth century, and some have managed to see the letters SS, which adorned the lapels of SS soldiers in Nazi Germany. But not just ordinary citizens concerned about the emblem of the future of London Olympic Games. Among the opponents of images can be found and prominent politicians, designers. At the same time, the logo has no lack of well-wishers. And the current logo is an attempt to get away from the refinement of today’s Europe. Perhaps even an attempt to dispel stereotypes associated with the perception of England in the world.

Dilbag Koundal

Dilbag is an IT Entrepreneur born and raised in India.

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