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Once In A Lifetime Cruise Shore Excursions

Shore excursions play a crucial part in creating the special atmosphere of a cruise. As vital as it is to have excellent service and facilities on-board, it’s often the case that the destinations, and the way that you experience them, are the elements that will live longest in the memory. This means that a lot of effort and energy is being channelled into finding unique, exhilarating and fascinating shore excursions that go above and beyond your standard walking tour of a city, to let you try things you can usually only dream about.

Anyone seeking a classic extreme thrill would be a fool to pass up the opportunity to try bungee jumping, available with a number of cruise lines in destinations around the world. For something that isn’t as well known, you can try street luge, on a wheeled go-kart for one person, down a mountain. This is available on a handful of cruise lines, including Princess cruises with voyages to Tauranga in New Zealand.

If you want to experience a new view, something from an unusual perspective, you can climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or try a rainforest zipline. Climbing the Harbour Bridge is fast becoming one of the most popular activities to try on a trip to Sydney, offering a stunning chance to see the city from the top of the bridge. Alternatively flying across the top of a rainforest on a zipline lets you combine an exciting thrill with a wonderful chance to see the luscious landscape in a unique way.

If you love seeing wildlife in their natural habitat, you’ll be delighted with a Monkey Watching trip in the Caribbean, seeing a number of species up close and personal. Or for something completely different, dive into the depths in a secure cage to swim with great white sharks, as they come within five feet of you for a magnificent and exciting feeling.

The Caribbean is home to some other memorable shore excursions. Rather than sailing peacefully around the waters, why not speed around Antigua as part of a yacht race? Or for the family you can board a tall ship and live the life of a pirate, hearing tales of the seas, drinking grog and diving off the plank for a fun and relaxing swim.

There are also truly luxurious options, which do cost a bit more but are well worth the chance to be able to say “I did that”. Why not power around the streets of Livorno in a phenomenal Ferrari F430, in typical red for that classic and authentic touch. If a Ferrari isn’t quite fast enough, Crystal Cruises give you the option of flying in an actual Soviet MiG, including full physical exam and flight instruction.

With the average age of a cruise guest falling, and cruises in general becoming more accessible, companies are working hard to make sure travellers come back time and again as a guest for many years. With some of these amazing shore excursions, the chance is there to give passengers a memorable reason to come back.

Adam writes for Cruise118, a cruise travel company offering amazing cruises on Princess Cruises and other cruise lines.

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