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Paris: Day and Night

Paris is fun and exciting anytime of the day and it’s hard to decide where to go when you have limited time. During the day there are some must see’s and at night, you can pick your poison. Choose which activities you want to occupy your day and night while in Paris.

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Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre- Dame Cathedral parisPhoto:

A gothic masterpiece is what this famous cathedral is. Majestically sitting in the middle of the city this church has dramatic towers, vibrant stained glass, and a history that goes back to the 14 century. It took over 100 years to complete, but it was worth it. Climb the north tower to get a peek at the city from where the hunchback Quasimodo was looking out from.

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower parisPhoto:

Well we didn’t ned to tell you to come here but it’s got to go on the list. This is the essential place that is on everyone list when they come to Paris. The view from up top is an absolute must. Don’t only marvel at it from far away. Take it to the top to get the best 360 degree views of the city.

Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysees

Arc de TriomphePhoto:[email protected]

Another essential and grand display of awesome architecture for the city is the Arc de Trimphe. It’s beautifully sculptured and after admiring the famous arc, take a stroll down the almost equally as popular street of Champs Elysees.


Disneyland paris cityPhoto:

Perhaps not on everyone’s list, but if you are with the kids and you can get cheap Disneyland Paris tickets, then to Disneyland we will go. A fun place for the whole family to enjoy rides, wander around with the coolest characters, and to be blown-away by the most fantastic shows.


Seine River Ride

Seine River RidePhoto:

This can be a day or night activity but at night things just seem so much more magical and romantic. The city of love plus the Seine River at a night just makes for the best kind of night for any two love birds. The scenery is fantastic and a quick and nice way to start off you evening.

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge parisPhoto:

While in Paris how is it possible to not see a show? Especially at one of the most famous cabaret shows on the planet, Moulin Rouge. Decked out in the best customs with the best moves, you will be captivated by the amazing characters on stage for a show never to forget.


There are plenty of spots for some great nightlife like the Place Vendome/St. Honoré. Just as long as you have a almost bottomless pocket, this will be the spot for you. Otherwise the 20 somethings usually hang out at Bastille and for a less touristy scene, the Menilmontant and Gambetta areas is your best bet.


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