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Planning your trip to New Zealand

New Zealand has numerous attractions to explore, from the sandy beaches and the stunning landscapes to the city attractions of Auckland and Wellington. There is so much to see and do, you will need to plan your trip to New Zealand in order to ensure that you don’t miss the highlights.


Walking and hiking

There is some wonderful scenery in New Zealand, making it an ideal location for walking and hiking. If you want a challenge, you can try one of the nine Great Walks of New Zealand. The walks all offer different types of landscape, including lakes, forests, fiords and coastal areas. These walks take two to four days.

Great Walks of New Zealand

If you would prefer something shorter, there are plenty of walks that can be done in a day. The Tongariro Alpine Crossing Walk is a challenging walk that takes in views of the volcanic landscape. This is one of New Zealand’s most famous walks.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing Walk

For those who want a less challenging walk, there are many short walks on well-maintained paths that will allow you to enjoy the scenery.


Road trips

Another way to enjoy the spectacular scenery is to take a road trip. If you are staying on the South Island, there are several road trips that you can start at Christchurch. The route to Dunedin takes you past turquoise lakes and impressive mountains. You could also drive from Christchurch to Nelson, which is a good route to take if you want to see some of the marine life.

christchurch new zealand

There is also plenty of scenery to explore on the North Island. You can start in Auckland and drive to Waikato, which is a good location for hiking. You could also drive to Rotorua from Auckland and explore the landscapes.

Auckland new zealand

Some road trips take several days, but if you prefer you can just take a short drive in one of the scenic areas. And there are a number of companies which offer fantastic fly drive holidays in New Zealand which take the hassle out of organising accommodation at each end of your drive.


Nature and wildlife

New Zealand is a good destination for wildlife spotting. Kaikoura is a popular location for whale watching, as sperm whales can be seen throughout the year. Dolphins can also be seen in this area.


From Dunedin, you can take a wildlife tour where you will have the opportunity to see seals, penguins and sea lions.


City attractions

Although New Zealand is known for stunning scenery, the cities are also worth a visit. Auckland is a popular destination, with many cultural attractions. You can learn about the history and culture of New Zealand by visiting Auckland Museum. The collections include exhibits on Maori history and World War Two. You can also visit Howick Historic Village, where staff in costumes recreate the Auckland of an earlier era.

Auckland Museum

The city of Wellington is also worth visiting. The World of Wearable Art is one of the most popular attractions, with performances from dancers, singers and circus performers. You can also visit the Museum of Wellington City and Sea, which details the cultural and maritime history of the area.

World of Wearable Art wellington

Food and drink

New Zealand cuisine takes influence from Europe, Polynesia and Asia. The food is very varied, ranging from subtle to spicy.

Although New Zealand is well known for lamb, seafood is also a speciality. There are barbecues where you can eat in a casual setting, or for a more formal experience you can try one of the top restaurants.

There are many vineyards in New Zealand where you can take a tour and sample the local wine, as well as enjoying a meal at the restaurant.

vineyards in New Zealand

If you visit New Zealand, you are sure to find plenty to explore, whether you want an active holiday or a laid back trip.


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