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Planning Your Next Trip to Cannes

Cannes gives an impression of cinema, film festival, and opulence in mind.  You can enjoy visiting this exuberant and wealthy city if you plan wisely and frugally. You can experience Cannes’s major attractions, hit the beach and flea markets, admire art exhibitions, entertain yourself at the events, and stay comfortably at a budget hotel to make the most of your Cannes trip by considering the following points:



Best Time to Visit Cannes

To experience Cannes the old way, mid-September to October is the best time to visit, as most of the tourists have gone back and the city seems less crowded.  The worst time is during April and May, when the Cannes Film Festival takes place, leading to crowded streets and beaches, and jam-packed restaurants. Not to forget, prices shoot up during this peak season. An added advantage of visiting the Cannes city, during the low tourist season is that you can save bucks on hotels and pay the “actual” price to see things around.


Accommodation Options

From hostels, B&B, to apartments, Cannes offers plenty of accommodation options to suit your pocket.  The Centre Ville is an area with a wide range of apartments and budget to luxury hotels. Staying at Centre Ville provides you with competitive rates and easy access to nearby and farther attractions via train stations.  An economical option is to go for one of the cheap hotels in Cannes with the rates starting anything from $50 to $80 per night. The Campanile Cannes Mandelieu is a perfect choice that comes with a room rate as low as $70 per night, conveniently located only 1.5 km from the beach with many attractions close by.


Eat Cheap

From Michelin star restaurants to family fun eateries to cheap water front cafes, Cannes caters to all kinds of taste buds with over 300 eating joints with varying prices. Eating out in Cannes is not cheap; however, the best way to save bucks is to eat cheap by visiting the old harbor, popular for its excellent waterfront cafes. Taverne Lucullus is an excellent choice to order quick bites with a drink! For a yummy lunch, head to the beach and eat out at a beach restaurant that offers good portion size with taste to keep you going all day long.


Get Familiar with the Transport

Hopping the trains and getting to the must-see attractions is the cheapest way to make the most of your trip; make sure you know about the train and bus schedules. The train ticket from the Nice Airport to Cannes is only $7 compared to the taxi fare that will cost you $100 one way. If you are visiting Cannes between July and September, you can travel along the French Riviera for only $20 per day with the Isabelle Rail Pass. You can even get on to the Toy Train that departs from Palais des Festivals, everyday between 9:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.  It will cost you anything from $7 to $10 per ride for short and longer tours. Check out about fares and timings about the public transport in Cannes, and be thorough with the fares and schedules to keep everything going smooth.


Photo by Trans World Productions 

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