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Pleasure Hotel St. Petersburg, Russia

Description of the hotel: The interior of the cozy mini-hotel 33 pleasures is in the style of the XIX century. Convenient location and good transport interchange makes it an excellent holiday destination for tourists and business travelers.

Location:  The hotel is located in the heart of St. Petersburg, 15 – 20 minute walk from Moscow railway station, close to the metro and the main thoroughfare of the city – Nevsky Prospect.

hotels of Russia

hotels of Russia

Description of the rooms: There are 7 different in mood and spirit rooms. Each of them is individually designed, hand-made pieces of furniture and decor, and each has its own story.

Room one.   A wonderful, upbeat, beating the energy of mix colors: orange + pistachio. In this room there is no cause for sadness and boredom. Smile is the first reaction of the guest of this room. Gentle humor is all over – in lamps in the “live” bendable legs, pillows with fluffy pompoms, divine cow in the toilet room. But the most surprising is at the top. “Oh, the sofa is on the ceiling!” – said the boy, one of the first guests of this room. And nobody said better than he. Indeed, if the ceiling is covered with leather it is even softer to lie down on the bed.

Room two.  A bedroom is in the English style. Crude Petersburg climate is not a hindrance, if you are surrounded by peaceful green tones, an indispensable collection of botanical, woolen carpets, rug and a great selection of teas «Greenfield». Here was before the master’s study – a railroad engineer.

Room three.  Soft yellow color more than others stimulates a feeling of happiness and creates a good mood.  Gold and light shades of curtains, wallpapers’ shining symbolizes solidity and prestige, the chairs are of the classic Viennese – manufactured in 1912.

Room four. The subtlety and elegance of design are the main advantages of this room. Calm and gentle tones, the environment of old photographs of the last century, reminiscent of bygone centuries. This is one of the girls’ rooms.

Room five. The room evokes memories of the Netherlands, influenced so much on Peter I and so much had taught him. Reproduction of the bed was brought from Amsterdam, a brilliant piece of art of small Dutch. No one will be indifferent to the hand-painted Dutch tiles in the manner of dignity in the bath room and the old marble frame for a mirror.

Room six. It’s a small but very quiet room. Her feature is the copies of watercolors by FF Bagants, which show the next street to the hotel. They looked like this way only 150 years ago: one-story wooden houses, leaning fences. Wicker lamps, “lacy” wallpapers, hand-embroidered pillows cross recreate the era of “Childhood” of St. Petersburg – life is not of the capital, and quite of provincial. The feet under the bathroom are the cast-iron balusters to the staircase. In this part of the apartment kitchen was located where the food was prepared for the gentlemen. From the kitchen there was a separate way out to the back stairs: in the old apartments of St. Petersburg there were always 2 ways – front and black.

Room seven. The romance is emanating from these walls! There are velour curtains, shining light, silk cushions in this room. Pink is naturally associated with the petals of spring flowers. The purple hues – the most mysterious color – combine the passion of red and blue calm, that is, conflicting emotions. Not surprisingly, the uniqueness of this extraordinary color is liked by creative persons. Fluffy Carpet and small windows create an atmosphere of comfort and privacy.

In the rooms:  – Double glazing – mosquito nets – High Speed Internet Access – Phone – LCD TV – tea set – hair dryer – disposable personal hygiene items (slippers, robes, shampoo, soap, shower cap.

Dilbag Koundal

Dilbag is an IT Entrepreneur born and raised in India.

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