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Portland The City of Roses

Late May – early June in the U.S. associated with the type of roses. It was at this time across the country where there held various exhibitions of flowers, many of the cities are strewn with roses. These charming paintings can be seen from the Elizabeth Park, which is the oldest garden in the country, where roses are grown, to Portland, which was named “City of Roses.”  “June – this is such a time, when spring and joyful wave, the tide of happiness and joy rolled across America,” – says Tom Karrut, which will become soon the President of all-American Association of lovers of roses. Members of this society are engaged in that in addition to a huge love for these flowers also derive new varieties of roses.

 Portland, for example, has this nickname, after the city in 1902 from all sides was rounded roses which have been planted along the perimeter of the city. However, this is not the only reason. Portland Rose Festival, which was first held in 1907, is celebrating anniversary this year, in honor of this event there in the city in the coming weeks will be held  several excursions on “The History of Portland’s Rose.” If you’re in the next few weeks in America, be sure to check out the city of Portland, there these days will be going on an unforgettable show.  So let us visit ‘Tournament of Roses Parade’ in Portland and stay in the best hotel of this city.

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Dilbag Koundal

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