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Press conferences of the Monaco Grand Prix – What do they speak about

Press conferences for major sporting events such as Formula One racing are always entertaining.

Here we take a interesting look at what various Formula One drivers have had to say at various F1 press conferences in the lead up to the Formula One Grand Prix at Monaco.

Pastor Maldonado Responds to Criticism of the Press

Williams team’s Pilot Pastor Maldonado, who by many significant publications on the motorsports world and popular commentators of Formula 1 is considered a cash racing driver.

A F1 driver who was able to secure a place in the royal race at the Monaco Grand Prix only because of his money and the influence it wields.

F1 press conferences

Press conferences for major sporting events such as Formula One racing are always entertaining. Here we take a interesting look at what various Formula One drivers have had to say at various press events.

The Venezuelan did not deny it, and put it to himself as an extra plus.  “I’m not going to hide that fact, I actually was able to get place in the team because of strong financial support from Venezuela – said Pastor. – But it is precisely this money the British stables owes its rise from its knees, and such high results during the season.

F1 Press Conferences

Last year, a stable scored five points during the year, and now, after five races we had a chance to fight for the title. Do not judge a pilot by his money and sponsors, I have already proved my skills in Spanish.”

Heikki Kovalainen: All dream to win in Monaco

The pilot team Caterham  Heikki Kovalainen happily spends time resting between the culminating Grand Prix of Spain and the upcoming stage in Monaco playing golf.

As Finn repeatedly mentioned, this game is his favorite one after the races, and the journalists managed to extract from the pilot only a couple of words about the imminent race in Monte Carlo.

“Absolutely all pilots of any  racing series, even the speakers in America, want only one thing – to become famous through victory in Monaco – Kovalainen told reporters in a brief interview with Sky.

Though I participate now not in the fastest team, but also dream about it. It is unique track that stands out from all, where the race of Formula 1 are. I like it very much with its urban flair and increased complexity of the passage. Probably for the same reasons and all the other pilots like it.”

Michael Schumacher: Three years ago, I was not Thinking About Returning to F1                                            

Formula One driver Michael Schumacher of Mercedes team, commenting on media reports said that he returned to the royal race because he bored of winning,  and in fact three years ago he never thought about returning. Schumacher always has lots to say in F1 press conferences.

“Three years ago, when Ferrari asked me to replace Felipe Massa after his crash in Hungary, I decided that a couple of races will give me pleasure, but the injuries received after falling from a motorcycle, did not allow me to sit behind the wheel of the vehicle – said Schumacher. After that I no longer thought of Formula 1 as long as Ross Brawn did not call me, and then the representatives of the Mercedes.

It was they who have asked me to come back in the race. I did not mind since felt that I still want my fans, I want a Formula 1 and a new team. If it were not for this case, I certainly would not have been here.

It is possible that now I drive in Formula One for my pleasure, and why not? After all, what I wanted to prove to myself and the world, I have already proved before, although a few wins I will not give up now. ”

Lotus: It is a Pleasure to Watch the Struggle of our Ace Drivers

Technical Director of Team Lotus, James Ellison, said that he, and all the rest of the stables of British leadership, is completely comfortable with the fact that Kimi Raikkonen and Roman Grosjean perform at the same level.

It’s great that both of our pilots can show such good results, and continually adjust to each other, both on Saturday and during the race – said Ellison. – This is the best option, as in previous years we only had one combat pilot who fought for points. We can now boast two top pilots perform their job well.”

For sure Formula One press conferences can be entertaining as these excerpts duly show.

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