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Renting a Holiday Villa: What You Need to Know

It’s late, you’ve had a fun time with friends at a party, and now it is time to go home and crawl into bed.  That’s always a great feeling – getting to rest within the confines of your own cozy abode.  When traveling, you may not have the option of lodging in your own home.  However, renting a villa rather than a hotel room serves as a delightful secondary option.  So, what are the pros, cons, and recommended suggestions regarding a villa?

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Among the Natives

Go to any popular vacation spot, and you can quickly distinguish the natives from the tourists, mostly due to the location of lodging.  While major hotel chains ensure lodgings are nearby popular attractions, natives enjoy peace in their respective landscapes, often off the ‘beaten path’ and offering more relaxing, quiet ambiances.


As suggested above, villas, unlike hotels, are similar to homes.  Those who rent villas enjoy the tranquility of living in a neighborhood, rather than a hotel building, where people are milling about at all hours of day and night.  Consider an amenity such as a pool for example: in a hotel, one would have to share the pool with other guests, but at a villa, the pool and all other amenities are privately reserved for you and family.


Have you ever tried preparing a ‘home-cooked meal’ from a hotel room?  It’s a bit difficult given the size of the room and the utensils on offer.  However, when renting a villa, you’re afforded all the luxuries of a modern home, such as a fully-stocked kitchen, den, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.

When you rent a villa, you’re not renting a single room; you’re renting an entire living space.It’s as close to a home as you can get while on holiday.

All in the Family

Unless you’re taking a romantic getaway with a loved one, you’re likely to bring family and friends along on the excursion.  Rather than spending time apart in separate rooms (or even separate hotels), the entire gang can stay under one, fully-functioning roof, replete with all the needs larger groups seek at home.


Upfront, some villa prices may exceed those offered by hotel chains.  However, think about the larger picture.  For one, you’re getting more value out of your dollar when staying at a villa; there’s no alternative for privacy and comfort (no matter how luxurious the hotel room).  Secondly, if you consider the increased ability to cook in the villa, rather than out around town, you can actually save money during your vacation.  You also won’t be forced to pay out for ‘extras,’ such as pets or items in need of storage at specialized villas.

But what are the inconveniences of villa stays?


Room Service

When you need something at a hotel, you can simply pick up the phone and dial room service.  It’s not so simple in a villa, where you’ll need to clean, cook, and prep for activities.


For some, staying away from the din of vacationers is a benefit, but for others, who want to engage in all the tourist attractions and activities, secluded neighborhoods may bring on feelings of isolation.


If you need directions, suggestions, or a bit of information on the surrounding town, you can just ask at a hotel’s front desk, but those staying in a villa may not have the opportunity to ask for information so readily.

How to Learn More

The best way to learn more about a particular villa is to speak to those who have previously stayed there.  Some providers grant interested parties access to the recommendations of prior visitors. Whatever your preference, it’s more than likely that you canfind your perfect holiday villa at Co-operative Travel.  They offer a huge range of villa holidays and will be happy to talk you through the deals on offer to you and your family.

Melissa Nash is a travel consultant with a penchant for holiday villas. She enjoys blogging about her travel insights.

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