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Romantic Getaway ideas in the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is well known for being the ultimate vacation spot with events such as snorkeling, whale watching, go kart racing and more. But it is also a great spot for a romantic getaway. Get a little private one on one time with your significant other and share some memorable moments together. Let the Gold Coast set the scene for the most romantic getaway of your life. Great weather and plenty of activities make the Gold Coast the perfect place to share your love.

Hot Air Ballooning

What could be more romantic than soaring high in the air with the person you love? You will be caught in complete serenity and entranced in a peaceful bliss. You will be able to enjoy some peaceful time together and reminisce on all of the great times you’ve had as well as the great things to come. It is also not uncommon for some gentlemen to pop the big question while soaring high in a hot air balloon. But no pressure guys!

Whale Watching

Many people think of whale watching as a family event or something to be shared amongst a large group. But you can set up a private whale watching trip to share with your mate. Whale watching is a great date idea s you get to watch the magnificent whales in their entire splendor. The whales certainly put on a show for you so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show. If your whale watching tour is equipped, you may also indulge in wine and food while you sail.

Picnics on the beach

One of the most popular features of The Gold Coast is the beaches. There are numerous romantic things that you can do on the beach. One of the most popular of which is a nice peaceful picnic. Lay out a blanket on any of the exquisite beaches and look out on the crystal blue water together. Whether you have a picnic at night or a daytime picnic, you will surely have great weather to suit the occasion. Enjoy some of the fresh local foods to make the day even more special. Your partner will truly appreciate a date on the beach together with great food and even better company.


If you would do something indoors, consider making a trip to The Arts Centre in the Gold Coast. You will find everything from films to live performances. There is also great art that you can look at as well. Take your partner and experience the different collections available for the Gold Coast Arts Centre. It will definitely be a different experience that will be something you remember for yours. You will also be able to get great food at the Arts Café before or after your tour.

Helicopter Flight

Get up high in the sky with a romantic helicopter flight for two. Look over The Gold Coast from a point of view that not everyone is able to see. There are a number of helicopter flight tours available for you to book. This is definitely a great way to do something different for your partner and be romantic at the same time.


Stewart James is a hot air ballooning pilot and regularly flies balloons in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Cairns Australia.

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