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How to save money on your next summer holiday

With winter creeping up on us and nights getting longer, we can’t wait to start planning our next holiday to soak up the rays and get a bit of colour. If you want to start considering things such as destination, length and holiday type early, then it’s a good idea to think about how you can save money at the same time. To help you get started, here are some top tips that will maximise your savings giving you more spending money once you jet off.


Buy your travel money in advance


Common practise on any trip abroad; don’t leave your travel money to the last minute. Airports buy in to the fact that you are held captive and notoriously offer the worst rates giving you poor deals in turn. High Street Banks offering low commission aren’t much better and you are constrained to their high markups. When planning a holiday, try to buy your travel money a month before you leave. The best way to exchange your money and maximise your savings is by using an online currency specialist. Websites such as My Travel Money find you the cheapest deals on over 60 currencies and most of the compared only bureaus will even deliver it to your  front door the next day.


Visit areas that don’t thrive on Tourism

With package holidays getting cheaper and tourist hotspots becoming more built up, there is unfortunately the price of inflation that comes with it. Of course you don’t have to travel to the built-up areas to catch some rays and relax; there are places equally as nice if not more beautiful and secluded. If you have an idea of the kind of climate and type of holiday you’re after, then speak to a Travel Agent who will be able to advise you on destinations that give you the trip you’re after but at a more favourable price.


Avoid eating out

eating out

No matter whether you’re staying in a top tourist location or the rural outskirts, eating out can unfortunately be rather expensive. If you plan to go on excursions during the day then pack snacks and a light lunch if you can get to a supermarket. If you can, going half-board or all-inclusive might seem pricey but it will save you a lot of money in the long run as you wont need to be paying for any extras such as food and drink throughout your stay.


Book Tourist Attractions in Advance

Tourist Attractions

If you plan to take a culture holiday, maybe seeing a few tourist attractions or famous landmarks then planning in advance is key to saving money. As soon as you know your dates of travel, research the places you want to see and things you would like to do in order to find out what days are cheapest to visit and whether you can save money by pre-booking your tickets in advance. If you are going on a family holiday, you might be interested in water parks and theme parks, which are renowned for offering much cheaper entry when booked online.


Travel off-peak

Lastly, the time of year you travel is key to your budget. Summer holidays are at their peak prices during school holidays, ranging from mid-july to the end of August. Travelling just a couple of days before or after peak season can often make the difference between hundreds of pounds so try and avoid these dates to ensure that you get the cheapest deal on your holiday.

Hopefully these tips will be beneficial to maximising your money saving on your next summer holiday so you can arrive with a bit more spending money in your pocket.



About the author

Sofia is the Web Editor & Community Manager at MyTravelMoney – an award winning UK travel money comparison website. Sofia loves to travel, and has recently returned from a two week expedition around Morocco.

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