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Sicily – Like in the Movie

If you are in Sicily, Italy, I suggest that you rent a car and drive up to the mountains where time stands still. The traditional villages are located on the mountains since it protected them from enemies and pirates. Here you will get into the typical Corleone feeling for there is actually a mob named Cosa Nostra with over five thousand members and the population goes after the saying; do what you must and do not care about others, as long as you do not trust anyone you will not get fooled. Almost 60% of all the entrepreneurs pay the mob a fee per month, to keep safe. This organized criminality still controls Sicily and even the mainland. Even politics take bribery to keep in good faith with Cosa Nostra. Don’t worry; you will most likely not come across any of these since they move in the underworld.

“Funnily” enough the CosaNostra’s top chief – all sick – was arrested in a small house in the little town Corleone. The now world famous town, known from the Godfather movies. If you are in Sicily you really should visit this little town, it is not much to the eye I must warn you with its small population of 11 198 but its reality is almost the same as in the movie which makes it rather cool to enter it. The corruption is active through all of Italy pulsating in the underworld. It is rather exciting. Italy has debts to EU more than is actually allowed and the system is about to fall apart but still the Italians have always been and still are sensual and enjoying the spiritual things in life – which you really should as well while you are here – like love, food, wines, lovely nature and warmth.  Go to the volcano island Stromboli for an afternoon and get to see an eruption.

And why not visit one of the Liparian islands – it will take you about 2-3 hours by boat and will cost you about £2 to go ashore, but it will be worth it – with beautiful towns, some of them do not even hold cars, only donkeys. There are a lot of day trips you can go through here and on your way over to Cefalu you will most likely be lucky enough to see some dolphins.Cefalu is Sicily’s biggest tourist attractions, in a good way that is. It has lots of preserved buildings with small cafés and restaurants. It lays right by the ocean and the atmosphere is calm and friendly.

While in Italy you will of course take part of the magnificent food – and wine culture. Unfortunately the prices are a bit more expensive here; a plate will cost you about £6. But oh dear, it is worth it. These pastas are to die for and make sure you savour a fresh wine from the local grapes and try on one of the delicious desserts.

Once here there are a lot of things to do and many islands to visit, all of them with their own charm and attractions. I suggest that you do not stress through all the sights. Just relax and enjoy everything the islands have to offer, eat several times a day and maybe take a siesta once in a while.

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