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Sight Seeing in Vancouver Islands: Top 5 Places You Should Not Miss

The Vancouver Islands are probably the best place to have what the Americans would call good, clean, wholesome fun. And by islands I mean not only the Central Island that everybody knows, but also the little islands that surround it, it. Some of them are inhabited, while others are too small to sustain anything but a little bit of vegetation. The great thing about it is that the Vancouver Islands is that they are in a state of beautifully organized natural chaos, so there are perfectly safe paths that take you to see nature at its best, everywhere. However if I were to choose the top five places you should not miss when visiting the Vancouver Islands I would say they are recommend the following.

Wild Pacific Trail

It is located in Ucluelet and consists of seven hiking trails that guide you along the cliffs and shore line of the West Cost. From it there, you have vantage points where you can see Barkley Sound, the Broken Group Islands to the east, and the might of the Pacific Ocean to the south and West.  The trail takes in one through some of the most beautiful and ancient cedar and spruce forests anywhere, and every once in a while you will see fascinated birdwatchers as there are a lot of species that either nest in the area or migrate through. Although I have never been fascinated by the birds, picnicking

by the side of the ocean is probably my favorite activity in Ucluelet.

Chesterman Beach

The beach is close to Tofino, so there are a lot of beautiful B&Bs in the area and Chesterman is one of the most beautiful, wild beaches you could hope to find. It is perfect for adults who enjoy walking along the beach water and there are surfers out almost all of the time, but it may not be as entertaining for the children as there are no water parks. Still, a family could learn to appreciate having fun the old-fashioned way just because they are together and by enjoying each other’s company.

Butchart Gardens

This is a collection of themed botanical gardens where you can explore not only the beauty of over one million plants but you can also relish the cultural beauty of some of history’s greatest gardeners. So you can enjoy the Italian Gardens that are symbolic of all European types of gardens, there are also the Rose Gardens ad, and my personal favorite, the Japanese Gardens. It does take a bit of a stretch of the imagination but my wife and I also had some very wonderful Tea Ceremonies here.

Pacific Rim National Park

This park is situated between the city of Tofino and Ucluelet. It consists of the road from one city to another that winds its way along the coast through rainforests and along the beaches; the Broken Group islands and the West Coast Trail. Because these are all so beautiful, but you should take the time and allow for at least one day visiting each one. You will need a permit to visit the West Coast Trail so arrange for that from the moment you arrive and then arrive. Then use the time to visit the Broken Group islands by boat or by kayak.

Inner Harbour

Last, you simply cannot leave the Vancouver Island without seeing Inner Harbor because it is the historic center of the region. Here you can get some shopping done but you can also visit some very impressive buildings from the turn of the century. The restaurants here are exquisite and very beautiful since most of them are located on the water line. The Inner Harbour is a great place to both start and end your vacation.


Albert Fox, a travel & adventure enthusiast from Victoria, Vancouver wrote this article from his true experience of visiting all the above places he mentioned. Here excellent trip in Canada started in 2011 & he visited most exciting places in Vancouver Island to write about. He also want to express his gratitude to Crystal Cove Resort, where he stayed & got great help when he was in his exciting tour in Vancouver Island.

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