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Olympics Crisis 2012


Some Crisis moments of Olympic tournament

The Australian media company Fairfax Media has apologized for the mention in the article about the entrance of Irish boxer Katie Taylor into the final of Box Olympic tournament about the love of Irish for alcohol. It is reported by The Australian. The article headlined: “Punch Drunk: Ireland intoxicated as Taylor swings towards boxing gold.” was published on The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Brisbane Times sites on August 7, the members of the Fairfax Media.

Olympics Crisis 2012

Olympics Crisis 2012

In the article also stated that if “during the centuries the head of the Irish was drifting from Guinness and whiskey, and now it is enough the 26-year old petite girl from Wicklow (county in Ireland, the birthplace of Taylor).” The material caused a lot of criticism, including the Irish ambassador, who complained of “references to alcohol” and “lazy stereotyping” in the article. The author of article, Peter Hanlon later apologized in the air of an Australian radio station and said that he “hates racism” and that he should have thought better of the wording in the article. The material on the sites of all publications of Fairfax Media was later edited.

Another scandal with the Irish Kathy Taylor broke because of the publication in the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, which has mistakenly called the athlete a British. Micro blogging’ service Twitter was filled with angry messages of Irish, who suggested the The Daily Telegraph to appropriate itself the Irish band U2 or pop band of brothers-twins Jedward. The newspaper, the editor of which, Tony Gallagher, by the way, has Irish roots, later apologized for the mistake. Kathy Taylor will meet in the final of the Olympic tournament in women’s boxing with Russian Sophia Ochigava  today, August 9. Ireland has not yet earned a single gold medal at the London Olympics.

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