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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: A Country of Amazing Natural Beauty and Welcoming People

Set in the Indian Ocean in South Asia, the tropical island country of Sri Lanka is known for its pristinely beautiful beaches, timeless ruins, smiling and welcoming people, aromatic tea gardens, scrumptious food, amazing wildlife sanctuaries and rich cultural sites that make it in the wish list of every traveller who wants to enjoy their holidays in dream like destination.

In the past it remained as an undiscovered country due to years of war, and challenges of nature but now the war is over, the country is back on its feet and is emerged as one of the most sought after tourist destination to visit whose appeal and pleasures are myriad. Now it is the time you dropped in and enjoy great holidays of your lifetime.

Enriched with Buddhism brought down from India nearly three thousand years ago, the country boasts some breathtaking structures of old world represents the craftsmen spirit of people of this beautiful country and its ancient cities continue to amaze the world. So make a plan now and grab best deal discounted flights for visit Sri Lanka and enjoy a journey to a great holiday destination which has something for its every visitor.


There are some greatest marvels in Sri Lanka that you just can’t afford to miss.



Colombo a city of urban buzz and colonial heritage

Colombo is not only the capital and biggest city of country but is also a political, economic and cultural centre of Sri Lanka. It also happens to be a major port of country that draws together the colors and cultures. Many visitors come here to appreciate its colonial heritage, fine dining and great shopping opportunities along with a dash of urban buzz.

The Fort is country’s commercial center which was actually a fort during Dutch and Portuguese periods is now a business area consists of major offices , banks, big hotels , restaurants etc. National Museum is also worthy of a visit. Built in 1877 it was quite an old museum which has an enviable collection of antiques, furniture, manuscripts, old royal regalia and Sinhalse artwork. Other major collections of museum include excellent set of demon masks and 19th century replica of English paintings. Viharamahadevu Park which was originally known as Victoria Park is the biggest park of Colombo that offers a great respite from hustle and bustle of city.

You can also visit Dehiwala Zoo, Galle Road and Cinnamon Garden is other worthy attractions of city to visit.


Magnificent Koneswaram Temple

Also known as Tirukoneswaram Kovil is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is situated on the top of Swami Rock. It is believed that the temple has been in existence since 2500 years ago and was renovated by South Indian Chola king Kulakottan and is maintained by other Sinhala Buddhist kings. Visitors to the temple could take part in evening or morning pooja to obtain blessings from Swami at Kovil. One can also enjoy gorgeous views of natural harbour as well as the Indian Ocean during their visit.


Astonishing Knuckles Mountain Ranges

On a holiday trip to Sri Lanka do visit Knuckles Mountain ranges that stretches 155 sq. kilometers and is just one hour drive from south of Kandy. The natural beauty of area is formed by impressive array of forests, endemic flora and fauna along with breathtaking scenery. It is a perfect place for mountain biking, hiking or to explore the local village life. To visit more such astonishing places catch low price business class flights to Colombo and enjoy a visit to great holiday destination.


Popular Ravana Ella

It is one of the most popular sightseeing spots of country which has its roots connected to famous Hindu epic the Ramayana. According to a popular belief after kidnapping Sita, Ravana, the king of Sri Lanka had hidden her at the caves behind this waterfall. The cave is known as Ravana Ella Cave is situated 4500 feet above the sea level on the foundation of a cliff in Uva. The waterfall is one of the widest falls of Sri Lanka which is about 30 foot high and can be observed even from the main road.

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