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The Amazing Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu is the capital city of Hawaii and of good times and paradise. In local language, it means the place of shelters. This bright and brilliant city is like a breath of fresh air that you always knew you deserved and desired. Most of the travellers want to visit Honolulu again and again and don’t be astonished if you find yourself planning to visit the place, the second or third time.  It is dream destination to rejuvenate your being-body mind and soul.

Honolulu Hawaii

The city is replete with beautiful churches, historical buildings and an amazing night life. Traversing the city in the public transport adds to the glamour and also saves you from traffic jams. Honolulu is the most densely populated city of Hawaii. The shopping expeditions and the mouth watering cuisine add to the fun.

The city is full of amazing places to visit but following are mostly visited and should not be missed out at all :

Waikiki beach is the most visited place in the city and is one of the most famous beaches in the world. You can indulge in a number of activities like surfing, snorkelling and swimming besides just basking on the beach. Nature has endowed this beauty that you might find difficult to assimilate just with your five senses. Eternity beach is a good place for lovers to renew your love. The weather is pleasant throughout the year making your trip enjoyable.

Waikiki beach

Besides the glamour and joy, the city reminds you of the incident of Pearl Harbour which is deeply etched in the memories of people. A visit to USS Arizona memorial commemorating the memory of brave people and soldiers is very moving and reminds of the World War II and sacrifices of soldiers as well the public.


Kapiolani Park

Gifted to the people by King Kalakua is thronged by local as well tourists. This lush green National Park is set in volcanic remains and is mesmerizing get away from the hustle bustle of the city life.

Kapiolani Park

Tai chi, football, jogging tennis or sightseeing /bird gazing are few of the activities you can undertake here. The Park is also utilized for various events and concerts in a dome shaped hall that has a seating capacity of 2000.


Honolulu Zoo

Adjacent to the national park, this amazing zoo is visited by tourists in large numbers.

Honolulu Zoo

This zoo features few rare and exotic species of animals and has as many as 1200 species. The zoo has been divided into three main areas, the tropical forest, African savannah, and Pacific islands.

Meerkat family, Honolulu Zoo

Diamond Head

It is the most enchanting view you could fathom that transports you to a paradise of sorts. The view allows you to view the entire city in the backdrop of volcanic crater. You can add to the fervour by hiking to the place and get mesmerized.

Diamond Head

Bishop museum and Honolulu museum of art will intrigue the visitors. In short, a visit to Honolulu is full of adventure, romance, good food, fresh air and good times.


Neha Prabhakar

A passionate travel writer, Neha does not let an opportunity to virtually travel the world through writing. Born in Delhi, India, she is a complete workaholic, loves food, beaches, coffee, chocolates, and dogs.

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