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The Destinations in Europe you Should see in 2013

Venco is a travel blogger and here he talks about some must see destinations throughout Europe based from his own personal experiences.

The cities in Europe represented here are all incredible and worthy of visiting in their own right. They all made it to this must-see list of the European destinations for the year 2013 for reasons listed below. They feature lovely museums and new galleries, affordable accommodation, many festivals and fairs, and plenty of good restaurants. All those places will be waiting for you, ready to show you their beauty and sites.

Innsbruck in Austria

Sometimes overlooked due to the nearby city of Vienna, this lovely city has so much to offer and deserves to be seen. Marvelously placed at the foot of the Alps, it is a base for some of the finest ski holidays and the best ski zones in Europe are all placed nearby. During the spring, summer and autumn there are fantastic mountain paths to be enjoyed and hills to be conquered. The city of Innsbruck has many cultural sites that should not be missed as well.

A lovely view of the town of Innsbruck, Austria

A lovely view of the town of Innsbruck, Austria

Amsterdam in the Netherlands

Amsterdam city has always been among the best tourist destinations in Europe due to its architecture, canals, lovely shops, restaurants and dance clubs. In Spring 2013 the doors will open to the newly renovated Rijks Museum where visitors will be able to enjoy spacious restored halls and art galleries. The city will also celebrate the 160th birthday of the legendary painter Van Gogh, as well as the canal ring 400th anniversary. There will be many celebrations in the city of Amsterdam and you should be there to enjoy them.

Liverpool in England

Liverpool is a wonderful city and not just because of The Beatles or the football team. Cosmopolitan and exciting, the city has plenty to celebrate this year including the 50th year anniversary of the first Beatles album release. The local Museum of Liverpool also features a new theater where will be presented many exhibitions and film presentations.

Reykjavik in Iceland

The capital of Iceland has many advantages, including the fact that it is an affordable destination for travelers. Besides its common sites, the city features a brand new conference center and concert hall. If you want to enjoy the skyline and see the Aurora Borealis, the best time to do so is between March and April.

Corsica in France

The small island of Corsica is situated near the mainland of France and is much appealing to those who do not like the tourist crowds in the cities of Nice and Cannes. There are many beautiful beaches to be enjoyed here. At the end of June the island will host one part of Tour de France, that being for the first time in history.

A stunning view of Algajola Beach, Corsica

A stunning view of Algajola Beach, Corsica

Berlin in Germany

The German capital of Berlin always has something new to impress the travelers. In Autumn 2013 it will be served by the Brandenburg Airport – a brand new, ultra-modern transport hub that will replace the existing three airports that were used until now.

Crete in Greece

Tourists love to travel to Crete for their summer holidays. The island features beautiful clean beaches of golden sand and offers an easy-going atmosphere with plenty of outdoor restaurants where one can try tasty local food and incredible local wines. Crete is among the biggest Mediterranean islands.

Istanbul in Turkey

The city of Istanbul offers plenty of delights to travelers. It features wonderful shops and boutiques, beautiful sightseeing sites and incredible food. In September 2013 the city of Istanbul will host an International Art festival.

Belfast in Northern Ireland

The place that will be intriguing to be seen in 2013 is the Titanic Belfast complex, which is an exhibition of the Titanic itself. In April there will be a festival commemorating the ship. The city also offers Titanic walking tours, which will give a lot of information about the ill-fated ship.

Helsinki in Finland

The city of Helsinki will seduce you with its sites along Narinkka Square, the brand new and public Kulttuurisauna, as well as the exhibition center WeeGee. In mid-July 2013 the city will be host to the Tall Ship Races.

Author Bio

Venco Jordanov is an article author from Bulgaria. His hobby is related to travelling around the world and visiting many beautiful places. One of his favourite places is Vienna and he recommends visiting Cosy Rentals apartments in Vienna page to save money.


Image Source: House of Hall and Kristian.Stobech


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