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The Top 3 Adventure Destinations For Couples

Couples can add a spark to their romantic holiday by getting adrenaline rush through many thrilling outdoor activities at some of the best vacation destinations in the world. Following are the three top 3 Adventure Destinations For Couples

Adventure Destinations


1) South Africa, Cape Town

city of cape town

Get to Cape Town to experience the most exotic nature, beaches and other adventure activities. Taste the wine on some of the popular wine tasting regions in Cape Town, including Franschhoe, Stellenbosch and Constantia valley.
If you are addicted to the adrenaline rush, head to one of the skydiving clubs in Cape Town for a quick jump with your partner and see the most scenic drop zones with Cape Peninsula, Robben Island, and Table Mountain all in the view.

Robben Island

Do not miss the abseiling at the Table Mountain, which is the highest commercial abseil across the globe.
Catch the cable car or simply walk up to the mountain top for breathtaking views and never-before experience. Become a bird and enjoy the feeling of flying through paragliding and for first timers, tandem paragliding is the answer.

Boulders Beach

South Africa is one of the best destinations for paragliding offering lovely panoramic views, so when it’s Cape Town; paragliding is a must-do activity for all adventure enthusiasts. Apart from this, Cape Town is popular for its pristine beaches and warm waters, ideal for water sports activities like scuba diving, or getting close to many Jackass penguins at the Boulder’s Beach.
Quad biking is another activity to choose while you are there, ride the quad bikes to experience the rush as you pass through the obstacles in your way.

Boulders Beach1



2) Hawaii, Maui

Hana coast

Hawaii is a perfect destination for couples wanting to spend time together in the abundant islands of Hawaii, and for more active couples, there are plenty of adventure activities that would leave them asking for more. Hawaii offers a very rich mammal environment in the entire North America. Take a trip to this land on a luxurious yatch adventure.

Get to Maui Island and take the downhill Sunrise bike tour at an elevation of 6700 ft or enjoy the magical waterfalls, sea cliffs and Keanae Peninsula, rugged lava coastline at Valley Isle. For aqua sports including snorkelling, scuba diving, and deep sea fishing, head to Molokini, located 2 miles from Maui that offers a very rich and colourful sea life with some of the clearest waters in the world.


View active volcano at the Big Island of Hawaii, which is safe to view and the mountain, Kilauea has been emitting lava for over 20 years. Hawaii is the second best adventure holiday destination for couples because of many exciting adventure activities it offers along with the peaceful beaches providing the couples with a perfect escape to spend private moments together on their vacation.

kilauea volcano


3) Italy, Tuscany

pictures of tuscany

What could be more exciting and enticing when you explore the Sun kissed villages with pastel shaded houses, abundant cultural treasures, the timeless olive groves, fine wines, and the Apennine mountain ranges? Explore the best of Italy on bicycle or foot while you tete a tee with your partner. Garfagnana in Tuscany has two mountain ranges that are apt for hikers and is away from crowds and cars.

pictures of tuscany1

The lower walking tours are available on the lower valley of Garfagnana and the high level walks are best done in the Apennines. There are numerous lakes in Garfagnana with Kayaks for the couples to enjoy the views on Pontecosi, Valgli and Gramolazzo lakes as they kayak together in calm waters. You can also explore the lovely Tuscan countryside on a horseback and ride through olive groves, vineyards, and native woods with impressive views.  Tuscany in Italy is the third best adventure destination for couples that offers soft adventure travel with the best of Italy in its every facet.





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