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The Trouth About The Cost Of a Holiday

This infographic advises British holiday makers to be aware on how much will it truly cost a real vacation.

A 7-day vacation is quite expensive and an average savings of 621.91euro is placed as a pocket money and ticket fares. This amount is not easy to save for some average persons. It will make them pay for it even summer holiday is over until rainy season they might still have been paying for this cost. 63% of British vacationists use credit cards and 56% of them are bringing cash which in the end will make them borrow money from fellow vacationists in order to cover some more expenses during their vacation.
One out of ten British holiday makers admitted that they have a little or no thinking on how much they spend during holidays away from their homes. They ended up paying for it even summer is over.

This infographic guides them to watch out overspending with these stuffs: expensive meals, alcohol and beverages, day trips, gifts to bring home, souvenirs to keep and give to friends, Duty Free products, transportation and sport activities, clothing and accessories.
This has to be limited or purchased within budget limit.

An infographic by the team at CouponAudit


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