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Team USA


The USA Men’s Basketball Team successively won

The USA Men’s Basketball Team successively won the fifth match in the group stage of the 2012 Olympics in London. The Americans defeated the Argentine national team with a score of 126:97. Top scorer was Kevin Durant, who collected 28 points. Broadcast of the meeting was led by the channel “Russia 2”.

Team USA

Team USA

The USA team won the first place in Group A. The second were the French, the team of Argentina took the third place  and on the fourth place was the team from Lithuania. In group B the first place was taken by the team of Russia. The second were the Brazilians, who on August 6 with a score of 88:82 won the team of Spain. The Spaniards finished the group stage in third position and the fourth were Australians.

  In the quarter of final the Russian national team will play against Lithuania, the U.S. team – with Australia, Brazil will meet with a team of Argentine and Spanish – with the French.

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